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Li-River-&-Karst-Mountains China

Li-River-and-Karst-Mountains China

Travelite at all times!

Clothing suggestions when thinking of world travel  or  Asia travel. Rule number one – travelite  don’t over pack.

  • Take into consideration the climate you are going to and carefully think about what type of clothing you will need.
  • Bring clothing you can layer. If the weather is unexpectedly cold or hot you can add or subtract items.
  • In really cold climates quality thermals are a must.
  • Bring clothing to mix and match. Dark colors tend to be more serviceable for traveling. It is nice to have one smart outfit or a nice top for dining at night. A simple black top can always be brightened up with a scarf or necklace.
  • Clothing that is light, washes out easily and doesn’t crush is ideal. You can hand wash small items nightly.
  • A light wind cheater type jacket that can be folded up into your backpack or day bag is handy for unexpected chilly or wet weather.
  • Pack a fold up umbrella, and sun hat. Fold-up fabric or straw hats are easily packed in your luggage or day pack.

Awesome India – Streets of Delhi

World travel and travel through Asia

During travel through Asia on small group tours, I have always found laundry services to be very good and relatively cheap.  World travel so far has taken me to China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia and Europe.

If heavier items like your jeans,  slacks or even just T-shirts etc., need a wash don’t hesitate to send it through for laundry service at your hotel. Send it all through if you find it easier when traveling (after all you are on a holiday). It is usually very inexpensive. I have done this at times, my clothes have always come back; fresh and clean. Remember it also helps the local economy and the people to make a living in these countries.

Below is Magellan’s catalog which has a wide range of travel clothes and goods, based on a travelite plan, clothing  items easy to wash and wear. Magellan’s are experts in their field.  It costs nothing to look and provides a lot of good ideas to make your world travel or travel through Asia  easy and enjoyable.

Women’s GO LITE JACKET – Discounted Magellan's Travel Supplies

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  1. I recommend y’all to check out London if you want to do some real traveling. It’s not going to be terribly hot and its not going to be freezing! Dress room temperature status, and you will have a blast!

    • London would be an exciting place to visit with the Olympics coming up. I hope your weather forecast is “spot on”. Wonderful historical places to see in London.Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Good tips, traveling light makes everything so much easier. In Asia and similar warm countries, I never travel with jeans, linen pants are lighter and do the job.

    • Hi Sofia, Everything light and drip dry is ideal in warmer climates. Jeans are very serviceable traveling in cold climates. Thanks for your comments. Lyn

  3. Great tips, if venturing to the English Lake District make sure you have all your wet gear and like stated above make it as light as possible, there are some big fells out here! Great post, thanks.

    • The English Lake district is such a pretty area. Is the sport of fell running still carried out in the district? Thanks for your comment. Lyn

  4. Excellent tips Lyn .. actually it is always good to Travel with less luggage ..that give you lots of reason to do shopping .. yes laundry service at hotels Asian hotels have always these service at cheap rates ..

    • Thanks for your comment on my post. I have a friend who says she always takes one change of clothes and an empty case so she can shop!!

  5. Your article tips is very interesting.

  6. Hi there! Some good travel tips for clothes to pack for overseas. Have you visited Amsterdam? Cheers

    • Hi Nellie, Please you found the tips useful, and yes I have visited Amsterdam and all the wonderful places you have highlighted. thanks for your comment.

  7. Your tips give a lot of ideas which is good, because most of the time i travel to different places.Thanks i’ll visiting again. Keep up the good work.
    lei hytter i norge

  8. Thanks for the nice tip. Dubai being quite warm through out the year, it certainly helps us to prepare when travelling to other parts.

  9. Hi, unique and good tips, really it will help lot of people, thanks.

  10. I definitely agree with your Travelite Clothing tips. Thank you for sharing this very useful information. Many travelers out there needs to see this tips. I really appreciate your work Lyn. Keep up the good work.
    – Keep safe!

  11. Nice one Lyn, Very useful tip you got here for traveling. It is very much important to use travelite clothing. It could dry faster and comfortable to use too. But of course, it depends on where we are traveling. Thanks for your useful tips.

    • Hi Charles, You’re right. It does depend on the climate as to what clothes you need, but the basis is to travel lite and not be overburdened with luggage. Thanks for your comments. Lyn

  12. Hi Lyn! nice clothing tips because we should check climate before making a tour & collect what type of clothing you will need.

  13. Great and very well written article Lyn.
    I like the “clothing suggestions” it’s a beautiful checklist.
    I will use your checklist on my round trip to Vetnam, Cambodja and Thailand.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  14. All these are nice tips which are useful in travelling, it’s good if we research about climate conditions of tourist place where you are suppose to go and it will give a idea about which types of clothes you need to carry.

    • So glad you found the clothing tips useful. Thanks for your comment and good luck with your tours of India. India is such a magical country, beautiful and diverse.

  15. Helpful advices for should the traveler takes it on consideration when he wants go to the any destination in general.
    Thanks again Lyn.

  16. Hi Lyn, thanks for the suggestions on clothing. My family is going to Asia this summer and I will write down your tips.

  17. Samuel Traider says:

    That’s nice travel tips. helpful resource

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