The Scrapbook – destination Kyoto Japan


Details of Ninomaru Palace and grounds – double feature page

Destination Japan – Ninomaru Palace in Kyoto

Japan, such a fascinating travel destination. I really enjoy browsing through the scrapbook I made on Japan, which has photos from my trip around the main Island. After a few years it is hard to remember details of all you have seen. If you scrapbook your trip,and add journal notes you will really enjoy the scrapbook for years to come. The notes will refresh your mind about all the wonderful sights and places you have visited. Family members and friends can also browse through the scrapbook and share the exciting  destinations you have visited.

Above – a double feature page of the scrapbook – Ninomaru  Palace and grounds inside Nijo Castle, below – more details .. 

Advantages of cropping photos and journaling

With digital cameras you take so many photos, sometimes it is hard to choose the best. You can however arrange the pages in the scrapbook using different sizes and shapes for your photos.  I believe it is important to do the journal notes as you do each page, to reference your photos for future years. You do forget details over time!

Design Layout

Forest green hand-made paper. Use of light brown under lay, notes highlighted with double underlay in light and dark brown papers. Remember to use double-sided tape on soft hand-made paper for best adherence on hand made paper.


Vibrant colored sheet of blossom paper looked so Japanese,

Found this lovely sheet with a Japanese flower design at the local craft shop. I couldn’t resist it. I’ve placed a large photo of  Ninomaru Palace on the forest green hand-made paper and highlighted the photo with a  black and gold border. I look at it now and wonder if the floral sheet is too much? Is the photo a bit lost in all those pretty flowers? What do you think?


Cropping and varying photo sizes adds more interest to the scrapbook page

Ninomaru Palace-Ichi-no-ma (First Grand Chamber)

The scrapbook page – cropping and journal notes

Keeping the design layout very simple and cropping, or having varying sized photos, allows you to add more photos to your page with details of what you saw and did, and add any items of particular interest.

Ninomaru castle gardens

Add historical details to the scrapbook page relating to the subject  photos

Add historical interest to the scrapbook pages and design layout

I like to add a bit of history where I can to the scrapbook pages, like who was the particular ruler at that time, when the castle was built. In this instance Nijo Castle built 1603  as the official residence in Kyoto of  Shogun, Leyasu Tokuwaga. A particular artist of note during his reign Kobori Lenshu, landscaped the gardens of Ninomaru Palace and many other Villas and Castle in Japan.  A record of many events painted on long scrolls with pictures and written words in brushwork, depicts important events  and way of life of the times, in essence, perhaps an early form of scrapbooking?

Kabuki characters

Double cherry blossoms in full bloom. Some of the trees in the ground of Ninomaru Palace are  hundreds of years old, very ancient and revered, and a mass of blossoms. The scrapbook page  has Japanese Kabuki characters, these are delightful small stickers on delicate rice paper I picked up on my trip, which I though just added a little more interest to the scrapbook page. Underlay chosen to highlight colors in the photos.


Grounds and gardens of Ninomaru Palace

Have you been to Japan?

Have you been to Japan and scrap-booked your photos, would you like to share your effort with others? The scrapbook is a very valuable tool to store your memories of each destination you visit.  Comments or suggestions  appreciated. Til next time….


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  1. Great article Lyn. We attempted a scrapbook while travelling through Korea and Japan, but I think our mistake was trying to do in while we were travelling. After reading this I might have another go. After, need somewhere to put all our admission tickets and photos we have.

    • Hi Corey, I try to keep all the admission tickets and any literature of the places I’ve been to together for when I get home and have time to scrapbook. When it’s done, its a great way of looking back on your trips and enjoying it all over again. Thanks so much for your comments. happy travelling.

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