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Sightseeing-New Town Hall 1867|Munich|Romantic Road Germany

Sightseeing on the Romantic Road Germany Visiting Munich? Do put the New Town Hall on your sightseeing list. This amazing architectural construction is in a Gothic Revival style. It is awesome! The New Town Hall in Marienplatz, Munich  is home to the local government, the city council, offices of the Mayor and administration. Previously the local […]

Sightseeing|Munich-Bavarian Capital |Romantic Road Germany

Sightseeing Uptown complex On our city sightseeing agenda the Olympic tower but guess what, it was absolutely pouring,  no one inclined to get off the bus and get wet including me! Close by the O2 telecommunications firm corporate offices, 146-meters high, the signature tower of the Uptown complex and Bavaria’s tallest building. BMW Building and Museum […]

Angkor Pyramid Temple – Pre Rup – Siem Reap

Angkor Pyramid Temple Pre Rup is a pyramid temple, quite a different temple to the others we have looked at over the past few days. Three of the sanctuary temples appear directly ahead, however restoration of the Gopura was in progress, so we had to move around the construction. The rich red color of the laterite stone used […]

Romantic Road – Nymphenburg Palace – Munich

Romantic Road Tour Heading into Munich on our tour of the romantic road, first stop the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace. The fairytale and extravaganza castles of King Ludwig II, size wise pale in comparison to Nymphenburg palace – it is enormous. Nymphenburg palace is a baroque palace in Munich, Bavaria, the summer residence of the former […]

Preah Khan – Headless Dvarapala – Siem Reap

Headless Dvarapala In Siem Reap we visited Preah Khan temple late in the evening after Ta Prom. Preah Khan – built for Jayavarman VII late 12 Century (1191). Like many of the temples in Angkor this temple has a foundation stone which has  an amazing amount of information about the temple and life of the King […]

Water water | Rain water in Siem Reap

    Water flow after the rain The water flow down the main streets of Siem Reap  made for slow bus  travel so as to not create a wash. The locals dealing with the water flow in their own stoic fashion after the heavy rain of the last few days. Everyone just trying to stay in business and make […]

Giant Strangler Fig crushes Gallery|Ta Prohm

  The ancient temple of Ta Prohm looks so fragile from a distance I thought it might crumble before we reached it!  A giant strangler fig rears its smooth grey trunk and light leafy canopy above the temple roof to the sky, no sign of the devastation lying inside. The ruins of Ta Prohm gripped in a crushing vice […]

Royal Green Square – Elephant Terrace – Leper King Terrace

 Elephant Terrace The royal green square is a large green park area fronting the Elephant Terrace and Terrace of the Leper King in the heart of Angkor Thom. Interestingly if this was the Royal Square in the Forbidden City of China it would be a huge paved area with not a blade of green grass in sight. (Click […]

Bayon – Kingdom of Kings – Siem Reap

The Bayon is like a forest of rock pinnacles, a jumble of rocky towers reaching skyward, some 37 at last count, once believed to be about fifty. The block towers weathered an ancient grey, built in single stone blocks, towers seemingly arranged in no particular order, but rising towards the central tower. Most central towers have four […]

Angkor Thom – Faces|Kings,Gods and Demons – Siem Reap

The Angkor Archaeological Park – Siem Reap Few people realize when they visit Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, that Angkor Wat is only part of the Angkor Archaeological Park. The Archaeological Park has  many Khmer temple ruins dating from the 9th-15th century. Very little other evidence remains of the ancient civilizations. Palaces and houses built of timber […]

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