Sightseeing-New Town Hall 1867|Munich|Romantic Road Germany

MainTower Bavarian New Town Hall - Munich Romantic road Germany

Main Tower New Town Hall – Munich-Romantic road Germany

Sightseeing on the Romantic Road Germany

Visiting Munich? Do put the New Town Hall on your sightseeing list. This amazing architectural construction is in a Gothic Revival style. It is awesome! The New Town Hall in Marienplatz, Munich  is home to the local government, the city council, offices of the Mayor and administration. Previously the local government operated out of  the Old Town Hall in Munich.

Bavarian New Town Hall - Munich Romantic Road Germany

Gargoyle’s and dragons corner tower-New Town Hall

Bavarian Royal Family

One needs hours to study the incredible detail and decoration of Gothic architecture on this building. The 100 meter long facade facing Marienplatz is richly decorated with statues representing almost the entire line of the House of Wittelsbach, the ruling Bavarian Royal family of the time. Gargoyle’s and dragons adorn the outside structure. Tracery decoration on balconies and under window ledges; croquet decoration applied to the pinnacles (small spires) and above statue niche’s. Pretty over the top, but fascinating. There is hardly an area anywhere that is not decorated with Gothic designs. The building itself has about 400 rooms.


Equestrian statue-Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold-Romantic Road Germany

Equestrian statue-Prince Regent Luitpold-Romantic Road Germany

The central monument above the guardhouse has an equestrian statue of Prince Regent Luitpold. The Prince Regent was the de facto ruler of Bavaria from 1886 to 1912, following the deposition of King Ludwig II,considered unfit to rule,followed by his mysterious death a few days later. Ludwig’s younger brother and successor King Otto, also considered unfit to rule after illness following military service in the Bavarian army (a very sad affair for two brothers).

Bavarian Monument in honor of the Virgin Mary-romantic road Germany

Monument in honor of the Virgin Mary-Marienplatz Munich

At ground level in the center of Mariensplatz a slender column with a gold statue on top, built in honor of the Virgin Mary to celebrate the city being  spared from the Swedes in the Thirty Years’ War.

Bavarian New Town Hall-Front Edifice-Munich-Romantic road Germany

Section front edifice – double-click for detail Gothic Decoration

Sightseeing – Famous Bavarian Glockenspiel

The famous Munich Glockenspiel in the main tower is worth seeing. It has operated since 1908 and boasts 43 bells and 32 costumed figures. A joust displayed in the carillon’s upper part is in honor of the marriage of  Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V and Renata von Lorraine of France. Knight’s representing both families take part in the joust on opposing sides with the bridal couple looking on.

 Bavarian Glockenspiel main tower Romantic Road

Famous Glockenspiel-main tower-New Town Hall,Munich

Coopers’ Dance 

The lower part of the carillon presents a famous dance of Munich, the “Schafflertanz” or Coopers’ dance. According to legend, between 1515-1517 plague was rife in Munich. In 1517 the plague came to an end, the locals however  were still afraid to leave their homes. Men of the Cooper’s trade (Barrel makers) came up with the idea of dancing through the streets with music and comedy to prove it was safe; encouraging residents to come outside, resume a normal lifestyle and celebrate the end of the plaque. The Cooper’s dance has become a tradition and is now performed every seven years in Munich.

Great to be there with the crowd at 5:00 p.m to enjoy the Bavarian Glockenspiel spectacle. The  Glockenspiel chimes and re-enacts the two stories every day at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., and 5 p.m. in summertime. Do factor it in to your sightseeing schedule, it is very quaint and fun to watch.

Bavarian New Town Hall-gilded entrance door Munich Romantic Road

Gilded entrance door New Town Hall Munich Romantic Road Tour

Passing through a handsome gilded door into the central courtyard, the Ratskeller in the basement is a traditional restaurant serving typical Bavarian meals.  The atmosphere is great, entry by a Gothic staircase, seating in and around a wonderful vaulted ceiling decorated with frescoes. There are shops and a Tourist Information Center in the ground-floor arcade.

Looking back to the entrance gate, two wrought iron gates with a delicate frog and leaf design under the archway catches the eye. The same frog and leaf design in wrought iron sits over the front entrance arch, with the Munich City Coat of Arms displayed in front of it. FrogGateIronwork


The interior of the courtyard forms a square more-or-less, not as elaborately decorated as the outside but has all the same hauntingly beautiful features of  Gothic architecture, balconies, arch windows with delicate tracery and stained glass, brown oak doors.




Viewing Platform

The first floor of the main tower of the New Town Hall has a viewing platform overlooking Marienplatz for large festivals, concerts and Christmas markets. The viewing platform is open to the public November to April, Monday to Friday 10 a.m to 5 p.m; May to October open daily from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.


The bus arrived to pick us up just as it started raining again, by the time we reached the hotel it was teaming.

Tomorrow we leave Munich and head off to Lindau City for more sightseeing on our Bavarian  Romantic road tour…. 

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