Romantic Road – Nymphenburg Palace – Munich

Nymphenburg Palace- romantic road -Longview

Nymphenburg Palace – Romantic road Munich

Romantic Road Tour

Heading into Munich on our tour of the romantic road, first stop the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace. The fairytale and extravaganza castles of King Ludwig II, size wise pale in comparison to Nymphenburg palace – it is enormous.

Nymphenburg palace is a baroque palace in Munich, Bavaria, the summer residence of the former rulers of the House of Wittelsbach (1180-1918).


Central Pavilion Nymphenburg-Palace romantic road

Nymphenburg Palace commissioned as a Summer Residence by the Bavarian Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, after the birth in 1662 of their long-awaited heir to the throne Maximilian II Emanual.


Palace construction

Construction of the palace began in 1664 to the plans of north Italian architect Agostine, on open countryside to the west of Munich city. The central pavilion completed in 1675. Major extensions carried out by Max Emanuel, heir to Bavaria in 1701 with an addition of two pavilions built on each side of the central pavilion, linked by galleries. Further additions and alteration to the palace took place during the years 1716,1795 and 1826. Five generation of Wittelsbach rulers involved in the construction of this enormous palace.


Nymphenburg-Palace–View Stone-Hall – Munich

Highlights of the palace tour is the magnificent Stone Hall which occupies over three floors of the central pavilion, has a wonderful ceiling fresco of Helios (Greek God of the sun) in his chariot, with other gods.


Nymphenburg-Palace–Stone-Hall-romantic road

The ceiling frescoes are by Johann Baptist Zimmermann and F. Zimmermann, brothers famous for their architecture, stucco and fresco paintings in the Baroque period (17-18th centuries). On our romantic road tour we saw examples of their work  in the Ettal Abbey and Beautiful Roccoco Wieskirsch.

Ceiling fresco-Nymphenburg Palace Romantic Road

Ceiling Fresco Stone Hall- Nymphenburg Palace

The Queen’s bedroom, also King Ludwig II’s birth chamber, the walls lined with a  green silk wall covering and matching furniture. Bedrooms in Nymphenburg Palace are very modest compared to King Ludwig’s lavish and extravagant style in Newswanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace. 

Queen's-Bedroom-Nymphenburg Palace-romantic road

Queen’s Bedroom Nymphenburg Palace – Munich

The Anti-chamber – hung with beautiful baroque tapestries from Brussels. In particular Diana the goddess of hunting with her retinue.

Nymphenburg-Palace- baroque tapestries Romantic road

Nymphenburg-Palace- baroque tapestries

The Blue Salon –  walls lined with a blue silk wall covering, chairs covered to match,and crystal chandeliers. A very elegant room. Worth a second look is an intriguing round table in the middle of the room with a veneer of exotic woods and bronze in the form of pharaoh’s heads. There is a lot more to see inside the palace. The audio guide is a must, it makes the tour so much more interesting.

Blue Salon-Nymphenburg Palace-romantic road

Blue Salon-Nymphenburg Palace-romantic road

The South Wing of the Palace, once the royal stables, is now the Carriage Museum and houses a fantastic collection of coaches including the magnificent carriages and sleighs of King Ludwig II.

Palace Stables now carriage Museum-Munich

Palace Stables now Carriage Museum

If you have time take a stroll around the wonderful palace gardens, enjoy the magnificent expanse of lawns, flower beds, fountains and white swans.

Nymphenburg Palace grounds romantic road

Nymphenburg Palace-gardens and grounds

Germany 010

White swans-Palace Ponds- Munich Romantic Road

White swans-Palace Pond- Munich Romantic Road

Next – sights of Munich City on the Romantic road…

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  1. I love the castles and palaces in Europe. I’ve been to a couple in Denmark, but never to one in Germany. I would love to visit this if I were in Munich. Next time 🙂

    • Hi Aleah, I haven’t been to Denmark, however have visited a few countries in Europe certainly amazing palaces and castles throughout, and Germany has its fair share.Hope you get to visit Munich, it is a very friendly city. hanks for your comment. Lyn (PS: Just loved your post and pics on Jordan).

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