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Anderson Park a Botanical Garden of Townsville city

Visiting the remaining two Botanical Gardens of Townsville city was next on the agenda, since we both enjoyed our stroll through  Queens Gardens. The Townsville weather is  glorious, it is such a pleasure to be outside.

Firstly, we visited Anderson Park. We had picked up a complimentary map at our motel put out by the Townsville City Council.  It was excellent and we found our way to Anderson Park without any difficulty. The map also provided much information about Townsville City and the surrounding area. There is much to do and see in and around Townsville City, and the best part of it is, its free! (Riverway, The Strand, the three Botanical Gardens as well as many other beautiful parks along the Ross River in Townsville City).

Anderson Park Tropical Townsville Native ducks

Anderson Park Tropical Townsville Native ducks on Lotus pond

Anderson Park tropical Townsville

Anderson Park situated in Gulliver Street, Mundingburra (about 15 min from Townsville CBD), and is a 20 hectare arboretum. The park named Anderson Park in 1932 after William Anderson (1845-1935),  in appreciation of his work. William Anderson was the City of Townsville’s first Curator of Parks from 1878 -1934.

The  Lotus Pond in Anderson Park Townsville City 

Anderson-Park-Lotus Flowers were a beautiful sight on the pond

Anderson-Park-Water Lillies on the pond Townsville City

Anderson Park in Townsville city  has a very large pond with waterlilies and a second pond with lotus blossoms. The day we visited there were a row of darters and ibis sitting tamely on its edge. On a branch in a nearby tree sat another darter stretching its long neck. The pond looked amazing, covered in beautiful deep pink lotus blossoms , a wonderful display,with the birds and native ducks an added attraction. Anderson Park has a large area of lawn with plenty of room for the children to run and play in the sunshine. It looks very inviting for a picnic with plenty of shady trees to throw a rug down under and spread out for a picnic lunch .

Anderson Park Darter and Ibus sitting in a row

Anderson Park-Darters and Ibis sitting in a row, tropical Townsville

Anderson park has many other features with examples of tropical northern Queensland trees, ferns, palms as well as  one of the world’s largest pandanus collections.

Anderson Park Conservatory Townsville city

There is large conservatory which houses tropical plants such as  bromeliads, ginger, aroids, nepenthes (Pitcher plants) and the like. Unfortunately the conservatory is only open for inspection by appointment, so now  forewarned please refer below for contact number.

Anderson-Park-Darter-stretching it long neck-tropical Townsville

Anderson-Park-Townsville City Darter-stretching it long neck

A Tropical Orchard at Anderson Park Townsville City

Anderson Park also features a Tropical Orchard, which has a wonderful variety of fruit trees  such as black sapote, breadfruit, wampee, jackfruit and longan to name a few, (what is a wampee?). It would be interesting to view this garden when the trees are carrying their fruit. Perhaps you are allowed to pick and sample the fruit in season? Fresh luscious tropical fruits,such as mangoes in particular, would be so tempting!

Tropical Orchard Anderson Park Botanical Garden tropical Townsville

Tropical Orchard Anderson Park Botanical Garden Townsville City

Anderson Park in tropical Townsville was really worth the visit just to see this vibrant display of lotus blossoms . After strolling around the circuit and admiring the varied palm displays and the pink lotus blooms once more, we headed off to the Palmetum, the final garden in the Townsville City triage of Botanical Gardens.

 Lotus Blossom Anderson Park tropical Townsville

Lotus Blossom Anderson Park tropical Townsville

Car Parking in Anderson Park Townsville City

You are permitted to drive into the grounds of Anderson Park. There are car parking spaces provided within the grounds around the circuit roadway. Traffic is one way only around the circuit as indicated by the signs. Vehicles are not permitted to park on the lawn.

If you wish to visit the Conservatory the telephone number for Anderson Park  is through Townsville City Council’s Parks Services on 4727 8330.

Public Transport from the CBD area to Anderson Park

The Sunbus provides a regular bus service throughout Townsville and on Magnetic Island.

Visitors may catch the 203 Sunbus from Walker Street bus stop in the City (between Blackwood and Stanley Sts).  The 203 service runs half-hourly. Drop off point  Pimlico High School. Then just a short walk to the Gulliver Street entrance of Anderson Park.

Bus Fare from the City

Adult  Fare    $2.70

Children         $1.40

Seniors            $1.40

What is a wampee??

My curiosity got the better of me, I just had to find out about this particular fruit!

File:Clausena lansium.jpg

Photo Wikipedia WingkLEE.  A Wampee is a yellow grape like tropical fruit. Visit  Anderson Park Tropical Orchard Townsville City.

A wampee or ‘Clausena wampi‘ is a tree native to south China and Indochina.It is an evergreen tree which grows 3-8m tall. The fruit look like large yellow grapes. The fruit is very popular in China, Vietnam and the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. A fairly hardy tree,  which grows  in a variety of soil types in tropical and sub tropical climates. So there you have it!!


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    • Hi Leah, Thanks for the compliment. Please enjoy the lily pads as a desktop wallpaper. The waterlillies and how they grow in the water, are a constant inspiration to me. thanks again for dropping by. Lyn

  2. I’ve been to Australia before but haven’t been to that part of the country. It’s really beautiful, I’m sure the whole family will appreciate it too the next time we get the time to visit there again. Thank you for your pictures, Lynn.

    • North Queensland is a great place to visit and a very laid back lifestyle. Those who live here luv it! I hope you visit next time too!

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