Blue Sky

Thursday challenge – BLUE (Sky, Flowers, Hair, Water, Clothing, Vehicles, Houses,…) Blue sky, ocean water of incredible hues, barely a  cloud in an endless blue sky, this is Townsville, 365 day of the year. Houses upon houses in a growing populace. A triage of botanical gardens with lush green lawns, palms, tropical trees and  plants. The Strand Promenade and water […]

Favorite Foto – Wednesday – To Market to Market

My Favorite Foto for Wednesday – To Market to Market – Poultry The sight of these poor chooks (poultry) being carried to market ( or perhaps from a market) in this way, I’m sorry I had to laugh. To market to market! Poor chookies!  The poultry must have had a few ruffled feathers when they arrived […]

‘Spirit Houses’ Pich Nil Mountain Pass

Primary School visit Early morning start, our first stop is a visit  to a primary school. The classroom for the younger children is nicely decorated, the youngsters in the next grade using slates and chalk (which is not a bad thing, think of the paper they save?) The teacher had the young children sing a […]

Rain – rain-clouds-umbrella-splashing-water-dripping-flowing…

  Thursday Challenge – Rain (rain,clouds,umbrella,splashing,water,dripping,flowing…) Umbrella up in the rain, enjoying an unusual spectacle  of flowing water, and splashing colored fountains with classical music. The clouds darkened, the rain came down, and sent us scurrying for more cover. We ended up dripping wet!! This picture post  shared in the Thursday Photo Challenge – for fun and learning. […]

Favorite Foto – Wednesday – Dainty Khmer Horse

My favorite foto for Wednesday is from Cambodia This beautiful little horse is an Asian horse, native to Cambodia. Farm animals are an important part of  the Khmer family and offer a means to make a living, as well as family transport when needed. The Asian horses  is in decline, their numbers have dropped over the years,  however efforts […]

Golden Lions of Sihanoukville – Beach Resort Town

Premier Beach resort town Sihanoukville is now considered Cambodia’s premier beach resort town. The town named after former King Sihanouk. The Golden Lions  at the traffic circle represents the King and the royal family of Cambodia. New ‘Techo Morakot Bridge’ and beach resort. The tour bus took as for a quick look at a new bridge being […]

Federation Square – Modern, Contemporary Architecture

    Thursday Challenge – MODERN (Contemporary, Fashionable, Architecture, Interiors, Advanced, Cool,…) My thoughts on Federation Square – it is probably classed as modern contemporary architecture? Not my favorite buildings, interesting, but I prefer classical architecture. From the air they resemble army bunkers with camouflage.  I have visited Melbourne a few times now and the design […]

Favorite foto – Wednesday – Fishing Villages

    My favorite foto for Wednesday A favorite foto or two, from Southern Cambodia.  Colorful fishing boats add to a tranquil river scene. Fishing villages along the riverbanks on the way from Kampot to Sihanoukville. There is so much to see along the highway, rural scenes of verdant green rice fields, sleek grey buffaloes, the purple […]

Highway to Sihanoukville Town – Deep Sea Port and Beach Resorts

   Highway route #4 – Fishing town along the riverbanks Today we travel from Kampot to Sihanoukville on Highway Route 4. Always an interesting trip in a foreign country with plenty of sights to see. At a bridge  we stopped briefly to look at a fishing community along the river banks with brightly colored fishing […]

Hard – Marble Stairs – Amazing Carvings

 Thursday Challenge – Hard – Marble Stairs – Forbidden City – Beijing The Temples are built on tiered marble terraces and have dual marble stairs with a large stone carving in the center panel. These stairs reserved exclusively for the Emperor. The largest of the stone carvings measures 16.75 meters long and weighs more than […]

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