Favorite Foto – Wednesday – To Market to Market

to market to market

To Market to Market – Poultry – Favorite foto – Wednesday

My Favorite Foto for Wednesday – To Market to Market – Poultry

The sight of these poor chooks (poultry) being carried to market ( or perhaps from a market) in this way, I’m sorry I had to laugh. To market to market! Poor chookies!  The poultry must have had a few ruffled feathers when they arrived at their destination.We saw pigs carried in  baskets set on either side of a motor bike too, (can’t find the foto).  I guess, if that’s your only mode of transport that is what you use and adapt your lifestyle to. Traveling through foreign countries certainly opens ones eyes to so many ways of doing things. Yes?


Loading up Green produce. To Market to market. My favorite foto – Wednesday

To market to market – green produce

The couple here were loading up their crate with green produce (something like a green water spinach?). The motor bike with a crate in tow, is becoming a popular way to move produce from one place to another.  Once the buffalo was the main beast of burden and would pull a dray with a load of green produce to market, and sometimes the Khmer Horse. Slowly this is  changing with the motor bike taking over in many areas of Cambodia.


Favorite foto – Wednesday – Pulling a dray Kampot – to market to market

This woman is pulling a dray of cardboard and bags (recycling) through the market. I’m hoping she hasn’t too far to go. Modes of transport in Cambodia made for some very interesting sights.


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