Highway to Sihanoukville Town – Deep Sea Port and Beach Resorts


Fishing town along the river

  Highway route #4 – Fishing town along the riverbanks

Today we travel from Kampot to Sihanoukville on Highway Route 4. Always an interesting trip in a foreign country with plenty of sights to see. At a bridge  we stopped briefly to look at a fishing community along the river banks with brightly colored fishing boats.

Field-of-delicate-lotus-blossoms along the Highway

Field-of-delicate-lotus-blossoms along the Highway

A field of lotus blossoms 

Passing a large field of pale pink lotus lilies, I had to take photos, they are so delicate and a beautiful sight. Pink lotus lilies on the rivers and ponds in North Queensland appear to be a different variety, they are nowhere near as delicate in color or  form as these.


Petrol stops along the highway

Petrol stops along the highway to town

We passed many fuel stops/roadside stores on the highway like this. There are very few service stations along the highway between main towns. Petrol sold in plastic bottles in varying sizes to the locals  for their small truck and motor bikes etc. Khmer’s like to relax in a hammock while they wait for a customer.


Young children riding their buffaloes

Two young children casually riding their pet buffaloes home. It  looks like an everyday event for them,very comfortable on their large grey buffaloes. The buffalo is a valuable farm animal to a Khmer family. A  photo opportunity for the tourists, our guide on hand to seek permission from a parent,and a little compensation from us for their trouble.

View-of-Sihanoukville Deep Sea Port

View-of-Sihanoukville Deep Sea Port

Sihanoukville – a deep-sea port 

Approaching Sihanoukville a distant view of the sea Port. Sihanoukville was built as Port city in the late 1950’s. It is Cambodia’s only deep sea port servicing container ships, Navel ships and cruise ships from around the world. The town, spread across three districts has a large port zone.  Today it is as much a beach town as it is a port town.


Gateway to Special Economic Zone Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ)

Above the gleaming new entrance to the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ), which  is 3 km from the Sihanoukville airport, 12 km from the Sihanoukville international deep sea  port, close to highway Route # 4, and only 210 km from Phnom Penh. This area being developed as an overseas economic and trade cooperation zone between China and Cambodia, is the first of its kind in Cambodia.

The main factory for Angkor Beer (Cambodia’s national beer) also in Sihanoukville town. I’m always impressed that beer is very drinkable in most countries I have visited. I have always managed to enjoy a cold beer on a hot day, Cambodia is no exception, Angkor Beer is a nice brew.  French wine is still available at  good restaurants throughout Cambodia, so you can always have wine with dinner of you like.


Cambodian resort – a refreshing swim before dinner

Cambodian Resort and sunset on Victory Beach

Finally, the highway behind us our tour group now has two nights in town  staying at the Cambodian Resort, before returning to Phnom Penh. Lovely airy comfortable rooms overlooking or opposite the swimming pool, just enough time for a swim before dinner.


Sihanoukville Sunset on Victory Beach

Dinner in town to-night but  at a beach restaurant  to watch the sunset on Victory Beach. A popular beach,Victory beach is perfectly aligned to watch sunsets. After a very pleasant walk along the beach enjoying the sunset we settled down for dinner. Probably not the best meal we have had, but still okay, and such a nice relaxing atmosphere about the beach area .


Relaxing at dinner. Restaurant on Victory Beach


Seafood dining on Victory Beach

 Tomorrow is a day of leisure, a sleep in , then a 9 am start. Perhaps a swim before breakfast….   

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