Golden Lions of Sihanoukville – Beach Resort Town

Golden Lions of Sihanoukville at the traffic circle

Impressive golden lions represent the royal family

Premier Beach resort town

Sihanoukville is now considered Cambodia’s premier beach resort town. The town named after former King Sihanouk. The Golden Lions  at the traffic circle represents the King and the royal family of Cambodia.


New bridge – Techo-Morakot-Bridge

New ‘Techo Morakot Bridge’ and beach resort.

The tour bus took as for a quick look at a new bridge being built from the mainland to an island known as Snake island, Marakot or Koh Pous Island. The bridge site closed to complete other infrastructure. Rumor has it that Russian investors are building the bridge. Koh Pous Island is to become a premier beach resort for the wealthy. It looked a really impressive  bridge, and is now called Techo Morakot Bridge.

Cambodia Sokha-Beach

Sokha Beach Resort

Sokha Beach Resort – private beach

Our tour group had a quick stop to peek at the beautiful white sand of Sokha Beach Resort, a private resort. I imagine it would be really nice to stay there, quite expensive too I should think. The beach, owned by the resort, runs for about 2 km, with a wooded green bluff  either end separating it from the next beach (Occheuteal and Independence).

Sihanoukville has many beautiful beaches of shimmering white sand and pale aquamarine waters across the town. The beaches are very popular with weekenders from Phnom Penh, and fast  becoming even more so with tourists.

Apart from Victory Beach which is 3km NW of town center, Sokha Beach,2 km SW of town center, there is Independence Beach 3 km SW  of town center, Occheuteal Beach 2km south of town center,  and Otres Beach 6 km SE town center, the latter is a fairly pristine beach with golden sand.


Veal Renh Market – town center

Every town center in Cambodia has a market, Sihanoukville is no exception. Veal Renh Market is a very large market, plenty of bargains to be had if you love shopping and bartering with the locals. We had a couple of hours to spend here. A plentiful supply of taxi motorbike drivers (moto-dups) or tuk tuks to offering their services to and from the markets.

Cambodia Sinoukeville Housing construction - Bamboo platforms

Housing construction – Bamboo platforms

Construction sites in town – bamboo platforms

Couldn’t help but notice the bamboo platforms used on construction sites. I wonder about safety issues, however, bamboo is very strong, plentiful and used in this way for eons. I guess its good ecologically as well. It just doesn’t look that safe? I watched it in use on taller buildings in India, and saw the workers shimmy down a side-pole from about six stories up! (thought it all a bit scary).   A far cry from the workplace and safety regulations we have  in place.

Architectural Styles-main-street Sihanoukville Cambodia

Architectural styles Sihanoukville Cambodia

Style of architecture – buildings in town center

Never did get time to investigate the Kangaroo Kitchen in town center? Anything ‘Aussie’ makes me feel homesick. Passed the Golden Lions many time on our route to and from the resort, a very distinctive landmark.


Kangaroo Kitchen – Sihanoukville


Anyone for cocktails? -Cambodian Resort Sihanoukville

Today we enjoyed the beach, a bit of sightseeing and markets in the  town center . Back at the Cambodian resort we opted for a swim, then had cocktails by the pool before dinner. Loved the cocktail waitress. After dinner enjoyed a few drinks at Paddy’s Irish bar right next door. It has a great atmosphere. 

Paddy's Irish Bar next door to Cambodian Resort Sihanoukville

Paddy’s Irish Bar next door to Cambodian Resort Sihanoukville

Leaving early tomorrow – a final good-bye to the golden lions of Sihanoukville as we head for  Kirirom National Park then back to Phnom Penh. 

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