What is an ‘Irori’? What is a ‘Jizai-kagi’? Takayama – Gifu Province Japan

Timber forests along the riverbank We left the hotel and pretty topiary gardens and made good time to Odawara Station. Nice views of small settlements and dark green timber forests along the riverbank. A smooth ride on the Shinkansen to Nagoya where a new guide met us on the platform, an easy transition to the […]

Scrapping – Memories – Fabulous Villas – Lake Como

More Scrapping – Memories of  Lake Como in Italy There are many historical Villas on Lake Como with fabulous gardens. Villa Melzi has a wonderful open park like English Garden designed in l811 by a famous  Italian architect, Giocondo Albertolli. It was the first of its kind in the Lombardy region. Scrapping brings back memories […]

About Scrapping – Cheap Rub-on Transfers – Scroll designs

Cheap Rub on Transfers Has anyone else been caught out with cheap rub on transfers? Sometimes I pick up decorative items  from the big chain stores. I have found some of the rub on transfers do not have a waxed sheet between the transfer sheet and the backing sheet, and as a result, if they […]

Scrapping – Creative Ideas

My scrapping has been sadly neglected for some time, too much happening. Recently on my blog I wrote about a trip to Bellagio on the waterfront at  Lake Como in Italy. I decided it was time to find some creative ideas and get scrapping on these photos. I still have some unused pages from the […]

Attractions in my Back Yard – Tropical Canna Lilies

  Tropical Canna Lillies in my back yard A  neighbor gave me this beautiful plant 18 months ago, this is its second flowering. The Canna Lilies epitomize the essence of tropical north Queensland with their brilliant vibrant  colors.  The colors are amazing, such a mix of bright clear yellow with red speckles on this one. […]

Fabulous Villas on the Lakeshore – Lago di Como – Part 2

Villa Carlotta – a famous  Villa at Tremezzo on the  lakeshore The ferry comes across from Bellagio to Tremezzo regularly, a pleasant trip across Lago di Como. The Villa has a grand pair of entrance gates in wrought iron with impressive statues on stone columns either side.  Visitors enter via a small side gate.The gardener, […]

Fabulous Villas on the Lakeshore – Lago di Como – Part 1

Lakeshore Villas – Lago di Como Amongst the dark green forested hills along the lakeshore of Lago di Como, fabulous Villas dot the skyline. During my stay in Bellagio I visited two historical waterfront Villas on Lago di Como. The first villa,Villa Melzi, and the  second,Villa Carlotta on the lakeshore at Tremezzo, a short ferry […]

Bellagio on the waterfront – Lake (lago) Como – Lombardy

Historic and scenic – waterfront of Lake (lago) Como Bellagio,a beautiful historic and scenic spot on the waterfront of Lake Como in the Lombardy region of Italy. Bellagio sits at the intersection of  the three branches of the Y-shaped Lake Como (Lago di Como in Italian).  It is the third largest lake in Italy and […]

Delectable Desserts – Hopetoun Tea Rooms – Victorian elegance in the City Centre

Hopetoun Tea Rooms a popular venue in Victorian times A famous spot just inside the entrance to the  Block Arcade is the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. The Tea Rooms opened in 1891 for the Victorian Ladies’ Work Association by Lady Hopetoun.  Lady Hopetoun was the wife of the first Governor of Victoria, Lord Hopetoun.  The Tea […]

Exclusive specialty shops – Iconic Block Arcade – Business centre of Melbourne

Block Arcade – Melbourne – Business Centre On my last trip to Melbourne I managed a day in  the business centre to visit the iconic Block Arcade.  The Block Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade built between 1891 and 1893. A Melbourne financier Benjamin Fink requested architect, David C Askew to produce plans for a […]

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