Scrapping – Memories – Fabulous Villas – Lake Como

Villa Melzi-Gardens with grottoe and Moorish Lookout by lLake Como-Scrapping

Villa Melzi-Gardens with grottoe and Moorish Lookout by Lake Como – Scrapping

More Scrapping – Memories of  Lake Como in Italy

There are many historical Villas on Lake Como with fabulous gardens. Villa Melzi has a wonderful open park like English Garden designed in l811 by a famous  Italian architect, Giocondo Albertolli. It was the first of its kind in the Lombardy region. Scrapping brings back memories of a wonderful day   I spent  strolling though the beautiful ground of Villa Melzi

Scrapping: Subtle decoration – tiny butterfly rub-on transfers, with cut out photo of rhododendron taken in the gardens on the day. Dark green card stock with two soft shades of pink underlay. Photos slightly angled on page, use of gold lettering for title.

Villa Melzi Hidden streams,red and yellow maple leaves, soft green pine trees.

Scrapping,Villa Melzi Hidden streams,red and yellow maple leaves, soft green pines

Color theme carried through for scrapping memories of  Villa Melzi – dark green card stock, two shades of soft pink used for underlay, photos angled on the page.

Exploring Bellagio

Exploring the walks around Bellagio we came across a Cherry orchard; and a delightful restaurant overlooking  sleek white yachts in a quite hamlet on Lake Como.

Scrapping: Khaki card stock with blue and green underlay follows color theme for Bellagio. Use of white scroll transfer highlights page and keeps to scroll theme.

Scrapping - Hidden hamlets, moored yachts and delightful restuarants Lake Como

Scrapping – white scroll decoration.  Moored yachts and delightful restaurants Lake Como

Scrapping – Memories of Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta – 17th century  villa designed with a romantic Italian Garden. Established for centuries, wonderful old trees, shrubs, hedges, exotic plants, citrus grove, fountains, terraced grounds make for a wonderful day of exploration in the garden of Villa Carlotta. So nice to enjoy this journey all over again when  scrapping  memories.

Scrapping - creative ideas - scroll designs

Villa Carlotta scrapping- memories  – scroll designs

Quick and Easy Scrapping – memories

Another nice scroll page in  blues and greens from the glitter stack. I’ve picked-up the green scroll color as an underlay to highlight the photos. No other embellishments needed. For quick and easy scrapping ideas, pages from the glitter stacks can work well. Don’t forget you need to use tape for sticking your photos on glitter pages (stickers don’t hold).

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