Delectable Desserts – Hopetoun Tea Rooms – Victorian elegance in the City Centre

Hopetoun tea room in the Block Arcade City centre Melbourne

Hopetoun tea rooms for a ‘High Tea’ in Victorian elegance – city centre Melbourne

Hopetoun Tea Rooms a popular venue in Victorian times

A famous spot just inside the entrance to the  Block Arcade is the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. The Tea Rooms opened in 1891 for the Victorian Ladies’ Work Association by Lady Hopetoun.  Lady Hopetoun was the wife of the first Governor of Victoria, Lord Hopetoun.  The Tea Rooms were a very popular venue in the 1890’s. Today, stepping back into the Victorian era for a ‘High tea’ offers elegance and enjoyment that seems just as popular today as it did then.

Young ladies of the Victorian Era

At the Hopetoun tea rooms in the Victorian era, young ladies would come for ‘High Tea’ with another reputable female companion off course, such as their mother, grandmother or an aunt. They would arrive dressed in their most fashionable outfits, including gloves and hats, to sit and sip tea and nibble on dainty sandwiches.

Victorian elegance and ambiance at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Victorian elegance and ambiance at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Today a more casual dress is acceptable. Even so, once inside the tea rooms it feels like one is stepping back in time and taking a seat in a more gracious era.  An era when sipping tea from fine china is considered a genteel art and a special, social occasion. The decor of the Hopetoun Tea Rooms speak of elegance and ambiance of the Victorian era.

‘High Tea’ at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in Victorian elegance

Experience a delicious ‘High Tea’ at the tea rooms. A tiered silver stand with ribbon and pin wheel sandwiches, freshly baked Quiche, scones with fresh cream and jam, petite fours and fresh seasonal fruit, an elegant and tasty experience. Many tea varieties are on offer, new blends not heard of in Victorian times, and of course today you may also choose to have coffee, fruit juice or a soft drink. For this delightful experience just AU$50 per per person.

Not into ‘High Tea’ at the Tea Rooms?

If a ‘High Tea ‘ doesn’t appeal, Hopetoun Tea Rooms cater for  breakfast, lunch, morning or afternoon teas; delicious menus to choose from. How could you not be tempted by the wonderful array of delectable desserts on display. l have a sweet tooth and love desserts served with lashings of double whipped cream, so I just went in for dessert and coffee( under $15). I was not disappointed. I do wonder, if in the Victorian era there was such a delicious variety to choose from.

Book ahead for a ‘High Tea ‘ or you will miss out, there is always a steady stream of patrons at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade in Melbourne’s city centre.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday  8am-1700pm; Sunday 9.00-17.00.

Melbourne, tel: +61 (3) 9650 2777.



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  1. Loved this article. I am a long-time high tea devotee. In fact, even though I am an American, i sometimes think I can be more English than the English. In my extensive travels, I have enjoyed tea-drinking rituals all over the world. Not yet, Australia, however, but you can count on me stopping by the Hopetoun Tea Rooms if ever I find myself in Melbourne.

    • Hi Teresa, Tea drinking is a very enjoyable experience, and so different in countries like China and Japan, where it can be even more ritualistic than the English. Must say I loved the experience at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. I hope you will too when you have an opportunity. Thanks so much for your comments. Lyn

  2. Great coffee, friendly staff and fantastic aroma in store.

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