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VillaCarlotta-Glitter Stack decorative page no transfers or decoration needed

Villa Carlotta-Glitter Stack decorative page with scroll design- no decoration needed

Cheap Rub on Transfers

Has anyone else been caught out with cheap rub on transfers? Sometimes I pick up decorative items  from the big chain stores. I have found some of the rub on transfers do not have a waxed sheet between the transfer sheet and the backing sheet, and as a result, if they are not used straight away you may find that the transfer has already transferred on to the backing sheet, so the transfers are useless. I have just had this experience which I found frustrating as all four sets I had purchased were useless, however in all fairness I have had them for a while.

Points to remember if you buy rub-on transfers for scrapping

  • don’t buy them unless you are ready to use them.
  • Check them immediately when you get them home to see if they have a protective  waxed sheet and are still useable.
  • If you find they have transferred onto the white sheet, take them straight back with your docket,ask for a refund and let the store know your not happy with the product.
  • If they do have a waxed sheet behind the transfer, still use them up fairly quickly.
  • Transfers are more fragile and deteriorate more quickly than other embellishments.
Villa Carlotta - delicate scroll work reflects design of wrought iron entrance gates

Villa Carlotta – delicate scroll work reflects design of wrought iron entrance gates

I purchased two sheets of rub-on transfers this week from Lincraft,  with pretty scroll designs for scrapping. They were very cheap $2.50 packet with a protective waxed sheet. The brand name Sullivans. Very delicate scroll designs, quick and easy to apply as they should be.

I used one of the scroll designs (Sullivan’s) on the page above, as thought it reflected beautifully the scroll work on the entrance gates to Villa Carlotta.

About scrapping with transfers – on the positives

  • Transfers are an attractive and subtle form of decoration;
  • Available in many attractive designs including scroll designs;
  • Available in black and colors;
  • Relatively inexpensive;
  • Simple and easy to use.
Gardens of Villa Melzi - scroll design by Kaisercraft-about rub-on transfers

Gardens of Villa Melzi – scroll design by Kaisercraft – rub-on transfers

I’ve also used rub-on transfers from Kaisercraft (above). They have a waxed sheet and are a good product.

Do you have any thoughts or experiences,  good or bad,with rub-on transfers?

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