The History and Civilization of China

Front cover

Front cover

Editors: Yingpin Zhang, Wei Fan, The History and Civilization of China,Central Party Literature Pub House, 2003.

Read up on the history and civilization of China before you embark on a Small Group Tour to China, and you will enjoy and appreciate your trip so much more!

History&CivilizationofChina BackCover

History&CivilizationofChina BackCover

This book on The History and Civilization of China , is a wonderful reference to the history of China. Condensed to cover their civilization from the Pre-historic Age to the Bronze Age, the Warring States Periods, Quin and Han Dynasties,  right through to the time of the Peoples Republic of China. It has a fascinating wealth of wonderful photo’s portraying the evolution of Chinese civilization from the development of their first written communication on bone (known as oracle bone inscriptions from some 6,000 years ago).

Wei Zheng-chinese culture and tradition

The History and Civilization of China – Artifacts from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). If China is on your list of places to visit on a small group tour, read this fabulous book before you go.

There are photographs of bone carvings, bronze pieces, pottery, jade work, gold inlay,ornamentation, jewelery, silk scrolls as well as their amazing inventions, all depicting their artistry, the Chinese way of life, and their history through the ages. An invaluable book on the  history of Chinese civilization and a visual feast.

Since visiting China, I have not found another book on China that provides so much useful and interesting information, with such a wealth of supporting photography of  ancient Chinese culture and tradition. This is a book for lovers of art and history.

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  1. Looks like an interesting book. I just checked the link out that you gave to Amazon. Thanks for putting it up, Lyn. I appreciate it.

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