The Magic of Africa – Okavango Delta

A long held dream was to visit the wilds of Africa on safari, a Wilderness Safari in Africa! This trip came about with my brother who asked if I would be interested in adventure travel in Africa.

The Jewels of Venice – Basilica of San Marco – Venezia

Jewels! Jewels! And more Jewels!! I and most women I know (dare I say) have a decided passion for jewelery. The place to see a real feast of the most amazing collection of gems and semi precious gemstones of unbelievable size and beauty is inside St Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

The Mahabrata – Culture and Dance in Ubud

I sat in an open courtyard of the Ubud Palace at Ubud, Indonesia among the hum of talk, the odd whine of a mossie, and the quick slaps of those under attack among the audience. We waited as the Gamelan Orchestra assembled and tuned their instruments. The orchestra was a wonderful sight, so much gleaming […]

Indonesia Mt Bromo

The year I went to Indonesia, one of my first stops was to see the live volcano of Mt Bromo on the island of Java.

The Temple of Heaven Park

The Temple of Heaven Park, the biggest of Beijing’s Parks, is renowned for its 15th century architecture.


Highlight in Beijing – A walk on the Great Wall of China The highlight in Beijing for me however, was to  walk the Great Wall of China. It has always been a childhood dream to see the Great Wall of China, but to walk on it; well that was the thrill of a lifetime. The […]

Discover China The Forbidden City Beijing

If you are planning to travel to China, the Forbidden City tour is a must. On these “comfort tours”, as I like to think of them

The Kabuki Theatre

The Kabuki Theatre at Ginza Tokyo Japan It had been a busy day, but time was short, so we decided we would find our way back to Ginza and take in a Kabuki performance, which was a must see for me whilst in Japan. We asked for direction at the information desk and it should […]

Sensoji-Asakusa Kannon Temple

Senso-ji the Asakusa Kannon temple is a Buddhist temple devoted to Kannon Bosatsu. Senso-ji. The first temple was built on the site in 645, which makes it the oldest temple in Tokyo.The temple is dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon, also known as Guan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy. According to legend, a statue of […]

Half Day Tokyo Tour

The Tokyo tour was interesting. It was a quick visit to the Imperial Palace

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