Durian – Tropical Fruit – Kampot – Landmark Old Bridge

Kampot roundabout sculptures of a giant Durian and tropical fruits

Kampot roundabout sculptures of a giant Durian and tropical fruit

The Durian – an ancient tropical fruit

A small provincial town Kampot  has a very  impressive roundabout in the center of town with sculptures of tropical fruit, including a giant Durian. Roundabouts throughout Cambodia often typify the products produced in the district.

The Durian is a tropical fruit  with a very strong smell and a very different taste, hard to describe. This fruit has hard sharp spikes on the outside, so be careful when handling.  At first smell the fruit is quite pungent, but the taste is sweet. I thought of  Jack-fruit when I first tasted it, but maybe that was the color and not flavor.

Fresh Durian ready for eating

Fresh Durian flesh ready for eating

Durian-a tropical Fruit

Durian-a tropical Fruit freshly picked



Durian – unique aroma and unusual taste

Considering what I have read about the Durian, apart from the first smell, I found the taste unusual but quite pleasant.The Durian has been described as an onion or garlic flavor with the texture of custard. Perhaps just very lightly flavored with those two, but with a subtle sweetness added. They do say the taste can vary with the age of the fruit. I would like to try it again.  The Durian flesh is eaten fresh or used as a dessert. In Southeast Asia the Durian is an ancient fruit, it has been known and eaten since prehistoric times. I enjoyed the flavor of this interesting tropical fruit.

Rambutans and druian tropical fruit

Rambutans and Durian tropical fruit

Rambutan, mangosteen and durian all tropical fruit

Kampot is the main growing area for the Durian in Cambodia. The Durian is grown  in other Asian countries and flavors may differ slightly from region to region. In Cambodia, the best flavored Durian is grown in Kampot and considered the “King of fruits”.  Other tropical fruit grown in the Kampot region are mangoes, mangosteen, rambutan, bananas and pineapples.

Old Bridge at Kampot

Old Bridge,Kampong Bay River  Kampot.

The Old Bridge

Kampot is on the Kampong Bay river with a backdrop of the purple Bokor Mountain Range, green forests, pepper plantations and rice fields. The old Bridge that crosses the river is in a dilapidated state after damage during the Khmer Rouge years. It is a landmark in the area. Although closed  we noticed the old bridge  is  still used by pedestrians and light traffic; motodups and bicycles.

New Bridge across the Kampong River Kampot

New Bridge across the Kampong Bay River Kampot

There is a new bridge further on for vehicular traffic. The town of Kampot appeared all but deserted as we drove through the center, but came to life when we reached the local market area. At the local market you can try the Durian and different tropical fruit . Along the river is very pretty. Boat rides at sunset are popular with tourists when staying here. Our guide assured us of an equally beautiful sunset at Sihanoukville when we arrive there later today.


Streets of Kampot – market area

Next the Lions of  Sihanoukville…..

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