A Mekong Cruise on the mighty Mekong River

City View Mekong Cruise Phnom Penh

A Mekong Cruise

On our small group tour with Wendy Wu we enjoyed an evening Mekong Cruise on the mighty Mekong River.  “Paris Le Mekong”  was the name of our Mekong cruise boat. The Mekong river was wide and fast flowing, a huge river, brown and muddy, with much floating debris. The Mekong River appeared full to overflowing at its banks.

Mekong Cruise on the "Paris-Le-Mekong"

It had been a full day with enjoyable visits to the Royal Palace and National Museum. The afternoon visits to Toul Sleng prison and the Killing Fields were somewhat unsettling to say the least. A Mekong cruise was an ideal way to chill out, take in the sights of Phnom Penh city  from a different perspective, and reflect on all we had seen and learned today about Cambodia.

Mekong Cruise - view from the river of Wat Ounalom Buddhist Sanctuary

Mekong Cruise – view from the river of Wat Ounalom Buddhist Sanctuary

One of the things I appreciate about Wendy Wu Tours is that they are always planned well, and you get to sit back and relax  after a big day. Our first day on tour and we had seen so much of Phnom Penh.

Cruising on the Mekong was a pleasant experience, with cold drinks and snacks, a great view from the top deck, and so interesting to see the Royal Palace, Wat Ounalom, and Sisowath Quay from the river.

Working Dredge on Mekong river, Mekong cruise

 We passed a working dredge and many other boats plying the muddy waters of the Mekong. The Mekong cruise gave a wonderful view of Phnom Penh as dusk settled over this vibrant city and the night lights appeared on the shore.  Next, we had dinner to look forward at a traditional Cambodian Restaurant “Khmer Surin”. Once again the food was delicious.

City view Phnom Penh at twilight. Mekong Cruise.

Next – Street scenes around Phnom Penh………


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  1. Interesting places. What I love about Cambodia is that they made a way to preserve both cultural heritage and modern living in one place.

    • Hi Blake, It is wonderfull to be able to see the Khmer traditional culture standing out so clearly in such a mix of French colonialism and modernization. Thanks for your comment

  2. I really, really want to go there. It’s tremendous!

  3. I wonder what your experience was eating in Cambodia? Everywhere we ate took forever for the food to arrive. Once it got there it was pretty good. In China I am used to “Chinese time” meaning everything is much slower than you expect, but Cambodian time seems even slower. I guess they wanted to give us more time to sit and talk before each meal!

    • I think it was a bit slow, but it did give time to relax. I enjoyed the meals in Cambodia much more than other places I have visited (like India and China), and I think it was because each meal was freshly prepared and cooked while we waited. It was also a different style of traditional restaurant we ate in each time, which made it so interesting.

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