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The-PalmetumTropical-Rainforest walk Townsville City

The-Palmetum has a tropical-Rainforest walk Townsville City

The Palmetum is the third garden in a triage of botanical gardens of Townsville City. It covers almost 17 hectares and opened in September 1988.  The Palmetum started as a garden specializing in palm varieties. It now has some 300 species with many rare species that are endangered in their natural habitat. The gardens also feature a Tropical  Rainforest walk, a Swampland  Habitat as well as other habitat areas suitable for various species of the dry tropics.

Bird watching. Female Blue-winged Kookaburra

Bird watching. Female Blue-winged Kookaburra

 Many different species of birds are frequent visitors to the Palmetum

Many different bird species frequent the area. The Palmetum provides a leaflet with the various species you may see when visiting the park. It is a popular area with local bird watchers . It was late in the evening when we spotted a couple of brush turkeys scratching around in the garden beds, very tame it seemed, not particularly perturbed by our presence.

Moving along the pathway we were greeted with a rare treat when a family of five Blue-winged  Kookaburras began their vociferous  calling. Watching them high up in the  trees, one disappeared into a hollow in the tree branch with only its tail feathers protruding. This must have been a co-operative group helping with the clutch of new chicks in the nest. We stood in awe, watching their activities; listening to their continued clamorous song as the evening shadows fell. Times like these it would be good to have a better camera to record and photograph birds. For photos of this event please visit my blog on the Blue winged Kookaburra.

The Palmetum Tokuyama Garden Gazebo tropical Townsville

The Palmetum, Tokuyama Garden and Gazebo tropical Townsville

A delightful Japanese Garden,Townsville City

The Palmetum has a delightful Japanese garden  known as the Tokuyama Garden. It has become a very popular spot with locals for wedding ceremonies since it was completed in 1996. The initial development of the Licuala Walk and the Tokuyama Garden was funded by Townsville’s Japanese Sister City of Tokuyama.  A Licuala is a fan palm, of which there are many beautiful varieties at the Palmetum).

The Blackhawk Memorial Townsville City

Within the grounds of The Palmetum stands The Blackhawk Memorial. The Blackhawk  Memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in a training exercise accident at High Range Training Area.  The Memorial was completed in 1997. The Memorial grounds are set in a quiet peaceful area, surrounded by a hedge and enhanced with graceful palms.

The Blackhawk-Memorial at the The-Palmetum, Townsville city

The Blackhawk-Memorial at the The-Palmetum, Townsville city

Tumbetin Lodge at the Palmetum, Townsville City

The Palmetum has a wonderful old tea house (circa 1934) known as Tumbetin Lodge, with an interesting history. It was built in Railway Estate for the Roman Catholic Church and until 1975 it was the St Francis Xavier School. It is mainly built from Australian Silky Oak and is a very solid structure, typical of that period.

The-Palmetum-Tumbetin-Lodge Townsville City tropical Townsville


Tumbetin Lodge relocated to the Palmetum in 1993 is a public facility (wedding receptions are held here); there are meeting rooms, as well as  the Palmetum Restaurant and Tea Room.  At the tea room  you can have a coffee, Devonshire Tea or other delights. Alas, closed on this afternoon, and so looking forward to a coffee!

The-Palmetum-specialises in palm species

The-Palmetum-specializes in palm species

On the banks of Ross River tropical Townsville

Wandering leisurely around the gardens, we admired the Lipstick palms with their bright red trunks, and these magnificent palm or pandanus species on the lawn above. Continuing on through the walkways we eventually found ourselves on the banks of the Ross River. I just love these beautiful old river gums, bent and weathered by cyclones, wind and rain.

What else can I say about The Palmetum, Townsville city; another day in a tropical paradise!

Ross-River-Old River Gums Palmetum tropical Townsville

Banks of Ross-River-Old River Gums Palmetum tropical Townsville

 Public Transport from the City to the Palmetum

The Sunbus provides a regular bus service throughout Townsville City and suburbs. Take the 201 Sunbus from Townsville City. The 201 service runs half hourly. Departure point is from Walker Street bus stop (between Blackwood and Stanley Sts). Drop off point for the Palmetum is near the Good Shepherd Nursing Home.Then just a  short walk to Palmetum Botanical Gardens of Townsville City.

Bus Fare from the City

Adult Fare One way     $3.40

Children                       $1.70

Seniors             $1.70

Update  16/6/2013  

 Tumbetin Lodge at Palmetum   – Opening hours Mon-Sun: 9.30 am – 3.30pm.

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