Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army|challenges and discoveries

An important challenge – Preservation of the color on the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin   Originally each terracotta soldier was painted with vivid colors, this is evident by the traces of paint found on many pieces that have been unearthed.  However, most of the pigment faded within a very short time on exposure to […]

Terracotta Army – Emperor Qin

The famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin The most memorable part of our trip through China was a visit to view  the famous Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin in  Xian. This was next on our small group tour  itinerary. It was a nice sunny day, but still cold when we arrived at the outskirts of […]

Romantic Road | Attractions Germany |Small Group Tour

Travel along the Romantic Road, one of the main attractions in Germany In April, 2009 my sister and I traveled to Europe. This came about as her daughter had been away 12 months living and  working in Holland. My sister wanted to catch up with her. Sounded good to me, I’d love to see the […]

Xian City|Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a landmark in the center of Xian City While we were in Xian City we had a few hours to spare, so made our way through the underground and up to the Bell Tower. This is a land mark in the center of Xian where the city’s four main streets converge. […]

Islamic Mosque|The Great Mosque of Xian City

An afternoon visit to the Great Mosque of Xian City Late one afternoon we visited an Islamic Mosque, the ancient Great Mosque of Xian city. The Great Mosque located northwest of the Drum Tower on Huaju Lane. Considered to be the oldest, and the  largest and best-preserved Islamic Mosque in China. It was almost dusk as […]

Scrapbooking designs | Water Lilies and the Lotus Flower

Scrapbooking designs for the Water lily On a recent visit to Townsville City I visited the three botanical gardens. They were all so interesting. In particular the beautiful display of water lilies on the pond at Anderson Park caught my imagination. There are two ponds, one with both water lilies and the lotus flower, and […]

Magnetic Island a suburb of Tropical Townsville

The Magic of Magnetic Island During a recent visit to Townsville with my cousin, we decided to take the ferry (Sunferries) across to Magnetic Island (or Maggie Island as it is known to the locals), an enjoyable 20 minute trip across the water.  I hadn’t been to Magnetic Island for a number of years, so […]

Bird Watching-Blue-winged Kookaburra

The Blue Winged Kookaburra Bird watching has always been a passion over the years. These handsome Blue-winged Kookaburras fly in once or twice a year and perch on my rotary clothesline. They will sit very patiently with beady eyes watching the garden bed for any movement. Quick as a flash they dive down to the […]

The Palmetum | Townsville City | Australia

The Palmetum is the third garden in a triage of botanical gardens of Townsville City. It covers almost 17 hectares and opened in September 1988.  The Palmetum started as a garden specializing in palm varieties. It now has some 300 species with many rare species that are endangered in their natural habitat. The gardens also […]

Anderson Park Townsville City |Tropical Townsville Australia

Anderson Park a Botanical Garden of Townsville city Visiting the remaining two Botanical Gardens of Townsville city was next on the agenda, since we both enjoyed our stroll through  Queens Gardens. The Townsville weather is  glorious, it is such a pleasure to be outside. Firstly, we visited Anderson Park. We had picked up a complimentary […]

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