Scrapbooking designs | Water Lilies and the Lotus Flower

Scrapbooking designs for the Water lily

Scrapbooking design layout Water lilies on the pond Anderson Park Townsville City

Scrapbooking designs-Water lilies on the pond Anderson Park Townsville City

On a recent visit to Townsville City I visited the three botanical gardens. They were all so interesting. In particular the beautiful display of water lilies on the pond at Anderson Park caught my imagination. There are two ponds, one with both water lilies and the lotus flower, and a single pond containing Lotuses.

Focusing on the water lilies, I have displayed them as a double page scrapbook design layout;  kept it very simple with colored card stock , and a single mat underneath in the toning of the water lilies to highlight them.

Scrapbooking design layout for waterlilies on the pond Anderson Park Townsville City

Scrapbooking designs  for water lilies on the Pond Anderson Park Townsville City

I find the water lilies quite fascinating in their growth, as you can see the buds under the water pushing upward to the surface as they develop. The lily pads are also beautiful, the new leaves a deep bronze red as they emerge. They turn to green as they age on the surface, but when a leaf curls upwards you will see the underside remains a deep wine color (the color of a good Merlot or Shiraz).

Scrapbooking-design layout vibrant pink waterlilies on the pond Anderson Park Townsville City

Scrapbooking designs -vibrant pink water lilies on the pond Anderson Park Townsville City

On the second page of this double feature I have used the same color scheme. However, I have placed a loose border of water lilies along the bottom of the page, simply by cutting out the individual blossoms from different photos. I have placed the water lilies intermittently with 3D butterflies in a pale green shade. The color of the butterflies compliment the lily pads.


Scrapbooking-design layouts - waterlilies on the Ross River, Riverway, Townsville

Scrapbooking-designs – water lilies on the Ross River, Riverway, tropical Townsville

The next page features the pale mauve water lily that grow along the banks of rivers and lagoons. The photos were taken along the Ross River at Riverway, tropical Townsville. This water lily is a very delicate shade of mauve with a bright yellow center.

I rather liked the design above of this scrapbook page from an Asian Design Range. It has dragonflies and bamboo against a deep pink background.The deep pink color of the page enhances the shades of green/blues in the photo.The dragonflies are very appropriate as they were in abundance along the river, in and about the water lilies. The design of the sheet is very pretty, but also unobtrusive against the subject matter. If you click on ‘scrapbook page‘ above you will see The K&Company Susan Winget botanical design paper pad has very pretty designs in mostly soft colors, which are easy to work with, and the botanical pillow stickers complement the pages beautifully. (Refer previous para under ‘butterflies‘, for view of botanical stickers).

Scrapbooking-designs and layouts water lilies Ross River, Riverway, Townsville City

Scrapbooking-designs: Water lilies Ross River, Riverway, tropical Townsville

Even more delicate is the tiny white fringed water lily (directly above on the left) with a bright yellow center.It grows in the same vicinity as the mauve water lily. This lily is known as Snowflake Lily or Water Snowflake. Its botanical name is Nymphoides indica. It is a very pretty, dainty water lily. The above design sheet is in a plain color complimentary to the Asian Design sheet, but with a single underlay under each photograph.

Subject matter for Scrapbooking designs

I always take my camera with me when I am out and about. There is nearly always something delightful and worthwhile in nature to photograph for ones scrapbooking designs and layouts. My Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 has served me well since 2006. Most of my complaints are about my photography rather than the camera. All the photo’s in my posts have been taken with this camera, so I feel that Sony produces a very good product.There has of course been many advancements in camera technology since then. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V has many desirable features with more pixels,  a wider zoom, bigger screen, and of course they are so light and small. Mine is quite heavy by comparison.The Sony DSC-HX5V  has other desirable features such as anti-motion blur and Intelligent Sweep Panorama mode, which would be very helpful when photographing some of the spectacular sights you see when traveling with a small group tour.

Scrapbooking designs and layouts -lotus blossoms Anderson Park Townsville City

Scrapbooking designs -lotus flower Anderson Park Townsville City

Differences between a water lily and a lotus flower

Ever wondered about the difference between a water lily and a lotus flower. When you see them growing in the same vicinity it is very obvious, as the stem, leaves and flower of a lotus flower rise and sit 3-4 feet above the level of the water; the leaves of the water lily in comparison sit on the surface of the water. The lotus flower also has a large seed pod in the center of the flower.  When dried this seed pod  is often used in flower arrangements, either fresh or dried, and are quite decorative used in this manner. In ancient cultures there were many and varied uses for this seed pod.

The pink lotus flower   grows along the waters edge at Riverway in tropical Townsville, as well as the mauve and white water lilies. They make a very striking display. Both the water lily and the lotus flower make a delightful subject to use in scrapbooking designs, or as a decorative element .

The lotus flower, a revered plant in ancient literature, art and religious beliefs.

Scrapbooking Designs and Layouts - Water lillies and Lotus blossoms

scrapbooking designs -water lilies and the lotus flower

The beauty of the lotus flower has been revered since ancient times in literature, art and religious beliefs. The lotus flower has been immortalized  by poets and artist in many countries, including Greece, Egypt, India and South East Asia for thousands of years. One of the ancient beliefs is that the lotus blossom can be compared to life and circumstance, as although the lotus grows in slimy mud and stagnant pond waters, despite this, it develops and grows  into the most beautiful flower. (So remember this when life is difficult, you can still get through it, just think of the beautiful lotus flower!).

Scrapbooking-Designs and layouts - Water Lilies and lotus blossoms

Scrapbooking-Designs – Water Lilies and and the lotus flower

 From my Travel Japan Scrapbooking Designs

Above is a photograph of the Golden Pagoda (Kinkaku) at Rokuon-Ji Temple grounds in Kyoto, Japan. It is an enlarged print on white card stock, a double underlay in brown and black  scrapbooking paper, accentuated by a single dried lotus flower and verse.

Until next time, enjoy your scrapbooking!



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  1. Lovely! Botanical gardens are such a delight.

    Have you visited my Scrapbook/Lapbook Blog? Lots of scrapbook student samples.

    • Hi Robin, I enjoyed your Blog posts. The Lapbooks are a great idea, not only an attractive way to keep special family items, but also as an education tool to present subject to children in such an interesting and delightful way. Thanks for dropping by. Lyn

  2. Love this!! The pink borders really pull all of the colors together. 🙂

    • hi Leah, I love these pages too. It is the first time I have seen so many water lillies flowering all at once. Tomorrow I go to Sydney for 2 weeks and then to Cambodia for two weeks,which I am really excited about. Thanks for dropping by again.

  3. Is that a digital camera or a film camera that you were using? The vibrancy of the water lilies is amazing. I especially think it works because of the mustard yellow card stock you used. In Victoria BC we have a 55 acre natural garden known as the Butchart Gardens and I have been taking photos there this season since I got a new camera, but I still have not got the hang of digital cameras!

    I am glad to see someone is still scrapbooking out there besides me!

    • Hi Vicky, I’ve had my digital camera for six years now and I just couldn’t go back to film. Digital Cameras are so easy to use, you only have to line it up, press the button and you have a great photo. Its very hard now to find anyone who develops the films now days, digital have taken on so well. Have a look at the one I mention in this post. They always come with an explanation booklet how to set up and use which you would find helpful to begin with, and then they are just so simple and easy to use, small and light to carry, as are the accessories when you travel (memory cards). I’ve seen photos of the Butchart Gardens they are indeed beautiful. My sister and I are thinking of Canada and Alaska for next year, but will have to wait and see. Thanks for your kind comments.

  4. These pictures are very bright to the eyes. Very colorful and nice to look at. I am a photographer myself and you can visit my site as well Underwater Photographer

  5. Awesome scrapbook. I used to do that as well when I travel with my family but I haven’t done much of it lately. But looking at these pictures sure has made me excited for my upcoming trip this holidays.

  6. Hi, I checked your slam book. All the pics are amazing, you must be having a very good knowledge about the flowers. Can you please tel me something about Proteas.

    • They are a very beautiful and unusual species originally from Africa with subspecies found in Australia and South America. Suggest you look at

  7. Beautiful flowers!

  8. I remember shooting a beautiful wedding at a botanical garden. It was so amazing.

  9. It is beautiful. The scrapbooking that you did and also the picture of the lilies that you picked to put on the coloured paper artistically complement each other. I remember when I was studying world literature in college; I have read a short story about Buddhist uses its leaves to store their food.

  10. Amazing article!!!I l really love this article. Botanical gardens are very famous for lilies.There are different type of flowers and they are looking pretty in the sunshine.I am agree with your article.Thanks

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