Heidelberg Castle Ruins – Heidelberg

There is a bit of a hill climb (341 steps), our tour bus dropped us near the entrance. The castle ruins of Heidelberg sit at a great vantage point, about 80 meters up the northern part of Konigstuhl hillside overlooking the old town area. The Heidelberg castle has a long history with records dating back to […]

Freiburg Minster – Romantic Road Germany

Medieval Freiburg  As we drove in to Freiburg passed an interesting medieval tower, I think this is the Martinstor, but only caught a glimpse of it.  We walked the narrow cobblestone streets of the old quarter into Munsterplatz and Munster square. The main attraction here is the Freiburg Minster (the diocese transferred from Konstanz in […]

Lake Titisee|Triberg|in the Black Forest

Town of Singen – volcanic landscape at Hegau Near the industrial town of Singen is an area known as the Hegau, an extinct volcanic landscape with strange craggy peaks. The most famous volcanic peak is Hohentwiel. On top of this hill lies the ruins of Hohentwiel fortress, built in 914 with rock taken from the hill itself. Sadly after […]

Konstanz on Lake Constance – Romantic road Germany

Boarding the car ferry at Meersburg, very windy and overcast, the lake a bit choppy, cold on the deck outside,still an enjoyable trip on the water only about 30 minutes (I think).  Pretty views of the shoreline as we left Meersburg, Dagobert’s Tower distinctive on the receding skyline. Meersburg is the main center for journeys […]

Beautiful Lindau – the Island on Lake Constance

The island of Lindau – Romantic Road Germany Back on the romantic road in Germany, the tour continued on to Lake Constance located between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. On the northern shore of Lake Constance is the picturesque Bavarian town of Lindau. The historic town of Lindau is an 0.68 km. island connected to the mainland by a road traffic […]

Sightseeing-New Town Hall 1867|Munich|Romantic Road Germany

Sightseeing on the Romantic Road Germany Visiting Munich? Do put the New Town Hall on your sightseeing list. This amazing architectural construction is in a Gothic Revival style. It is awesome! The New Town Hall in Marienplatz, Munich  is home to the local government, the city council, offices of the Mayor and administration. Previously the local […]

Sightseeing|Munich-Bavarian Capital |Romantic Road Germany

Sightseeing Uptown complex On our city sightseeing agenda the Olympic tower but guess what, it was absolutely pouring,  no one inclined to get off the bus and get wet including me! Close by the O2 telecommunications firm corporate offices, 146-meters high, the signature tower of the Uptown complex and Bavaria’s tallest building. BMW Building and Museum […]

Angkor Pyramid Temple – Pre Rup – Siem Reap

Angkor Pyramid Temple Pre Rup is a pyramid temple, quite a different temple to the others we have looked at over the past few days. Three of the sanctuary temples appear directly ahead, however restoration of the Gopura was in progress, so we had to move around the construction. The rich red color of the laterite stone used […]

Romantic Road – Nymphenburg Palace – Munich

Romantic Road Tour Heading into Munich on our tour of the romantic road, first stop the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace. The fairytale and extravaganza castles of King Ludwig II, size wise pale in comparison to Nymphenburg palace – it is enormous. Nymphenburg palace is a baroque palace in Munich, Bavaria, the summer residence of the former […]

Preah Khan – Headless Dvarapala – Siem Reap

Headless Dvarapala In Siem Reap we visited Preah Khan temple late in the evening after Ta Prom. Preah Khan – built for Jayavarman VII late 12 Century (1191). Like many of the temples in Angkor this temple has a foundation stone which has  an amazing amount of information about the temple and life of the King […]

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