Freiburg Minster – Romantic Road Germany

Frieburg Munster missing tower- Munster

Freiburg Minster missing tower-Medieval Munster

Medieval Freiburg 

As we drove in to Freiburg passed an interesting medieval tower, I think this is the Martinstor, but only caught a glimpse of it.  We walked the narrow cobblestone streets of the old quarter into Munsterplatz and Munster square. The main attraction here is the Freiburg Minster (the diocese transferred from Konstanz in 1821).The Minster is famous for its 116-meter pieced lace work tower, very unique apparently. Photo’s look like the one in Konstanz. Unfortunately the tower of the Minster under repair (wouldn’t your know) so we actually couldn’t see it at all. A pity, because visitors can climb the tower for a couple of euros to the lookout platform which has a great view over the city and surrounds.

Freiburg Munster in Munsterplatz

View of Freiburg Minster in Munsterplatz

The Minster at Freiburg

The Minster at Freiburg is one of the few medieval churches that was actually finished, complete with tower, during the Middle Ages. It has survived many conflicts, including the 20th century world wars. An air raid in 1944 left most of the old town in ruins. amazingly the church and a few historical buildings survived. Construction of the Minster began in 1200. The color is rather striking, built from red and yellow sandstone compared to the austere grey sandstone of other churches we have visited on the romantic road. Duke Bertold II, the last duke in the Zahringen line initiated the building of the Freiburg Minster.

Munster tower porch sculptures Frieburg Minster

Freiburg Minster-magnificent entrance archway into the tower porch

Entrance Archway-Freiburg Minster

What I really loved about the Minster is the entrance archway into the tower porch. It is truly astonishing and so beautiful. There are no less than 418 stone figures, some free-standing sculptures and others in relief across the walls, plinths and portal.  The smaller statuary created between 1270 and 1290 during construction of the  porch; the larger free-standing sculptures date from around 1290. The wooden door is solid golden oak.

Interior view - Freiburg Minster-Romantic road Germany

Interior view – Freiburg Minster

Munster-Medieval-glass windows -Freiburg Minster

Medieval stained glass windows – Freiburg Minster

Hans-Wydyz,Alter-of-the-Magi Freiburg Minster

Alter of the Magi – Hans – Wydyz – Freiburg Minster

MedievalWindowchapel-Freiburg Minster

South side chapel-medieval window-Freiburg Minster

Medieval Alters  and chapels 

All the other churches we have visited pale in comparison to this one.  It also has original stained glass windows from 13th to 16th centuries, the colors rich and vibrant. The Minster is full of treasure, medieval alters like the one above carved by Hans Wydyz in 1505 – Alter of the Magi. There are radiating chapels in the south side of the ambulatory which are exceptional. If you visit Freiburg leave time to explore this remarkable old church.

MerchantHouse near Minster Feiburg

Near the Minster- classic turrets define the  Historic Merchants’ Hall (Kaufhaus)

Historic Merchants’ Hall – Freiburg

Close by the Minster is the beautiful Historic Merchants’ Hall (Kaufhaus), a striking red colored building with a very steep roof and colorful overhanging corner turrets. The building facade adorned with  statues of the four Habsburg emperors and their coat of arms. Built between 1520 and 1532 it became the financial centre of the region at that time.

Freiburg Neo Gothic Fountain- Freiburg

Neo gothic fountain at Munsterplaz-Freiburg

The elegant neo gothic fountain at Munsterplaz seems a popular place to sit and enjoy the sun. Notice the drains of running water on the streets in the old city area. In the 13th century they served as a water supply and were also used to help fight fires in the city. Known as the Freiburg Bachle (stream) the water-filled runnel supplied with water from the Dreisam river.  The runnel’s are now considered a feature of the streets and alleyways in the old city area of Freiburg.


Freiburg the old city – water-filled runnel

A few others sights you may like to visit in Freiburg are – the Basler Hof in Kaiser Joseph Strass, a striking building from the late 15th century, now the seat of the administrative district of Freiburg; the Altes and Neues Rathaus (old and new Town Hall), and of course the two medieval city gates.

Next stop – Heidelberg on our romantic road tour through Germany….

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