Lake Titisee|Triberg|in the Black Forest

Ruins - Hohentwiel Fortress-Hegau-Singen-town-forest

Ruins – Hohentwiel Fortress-Hegau-Singen

Town of Singen – volcanic landscape at Hegau

Near the industrial town of Singen is an area known as the Hegau, an extinct volcanic landscape with strange craggy peaks. The most famous volcanic peak is Hohentwiel. On top of this hill lies the ruins of Hohentwiel fortress, built in 914 with rock taken from the hill itself. Sadly after a long history Hohentwiel was destroyed by French troops during the Napoleonic Wars and only the ruins remain. It is about 30 min. drive from Singen, a visit costs 8 euros, and is so interesting with great views over the town of Singen and surrounds.

BlackForest-outside town of Singen

Towers looming out of the fog - black forest outside town of Singen

Towers looming out of the fog – the black forest

Leaving Singen, heading into the black forest, pretty views down the valley.  Areas of heavy fog between the hills, power towers loomed out of the fog like so many monsters. Back into the sun, more pretty villages with the forest of dark green pines as a  background.

Lake-tititsee swimming, sailing, windsurfing,boat rides

Lake Titisee- swimming, sailing, windsurfing,boat rides

Titisee on Lake Titisee

After an hours drive we arrive at Lake Titisee, such a pretty place, a very popular recreational spot in Germany. A chilly morning, enjoyed a walk around in the sunshine, then coffee and cake. A pretty amazing delicatessen shop, gift shops and clock factories (cuckoo clocks of course). Lake Titisee is 2 km long, about 1 km wide, 40 m deep and so so blue, an amazing color. The lake is perfect for swimming, sailing, windsurfing; a stroll along the water front especially on a day like to-day, so enjoyable. Boat rides are available on Lake Titisee, staff in traditional dress to welcome you aboard. Our stay here too short, a picturesque spot.

Main street town of Titisee on Lake Titisee - the Black Forest

Main street town of Titisee on Lake Titisee – the Black Forest

Titisee on Lake Titisee - an amazing delicatessen shop-the black forest

Titisee on Lake Titisee – an amazing delicatessen shop,

Triberg – Pine Forest and walking tracks

Back on the bus to visit the town of Triberg in the middle of the black forest.  Triberg renowned for its Cuckoo Clocks, also a popular area for hiking through the black forest. We passed a walking track leading into the forest with route maps, display boards on flora and fauna, a silvery stream; and a grassy green patch with wood carvings of the local fauna – very cute.

Triburg town -walking-Tracks through the forest

Triburg-walking tracks, display boards flora and fauna of the Forest


Triberg-local fauna of the forest

Glockenspiel and Cuckoo clocks

A large resort stands on the edge of the forest (Great Western), opposite a huge showroom full of Cuckoo clocks of all sizes, plus a large range of souvenirs of the Black Forest. The making and carving of  clocks is demonstrated. At one end of the building is a large Glockenspiel that gives a balcony display of traditional German folk dancing and music on the hour. At the back of the building an old water-mill turns endlessly on its never-ending journey. A restaurant, part of the complex serves delicious light meals at reasonable prices.

Triberg town -Tourist-Stop-Glockenspiel

Triberg-Glockenspiel-traditional German folk dancing and music.

Town of Triberg Cuckoo clocks-black forest-Romantic road Germany

Triberg Cuckoo clocks-black forest

Triberg Cuckoo clock's Showroom Triberg forest

Triberg Forest-Tourist stop-showroom and glockenspiel.

Town of Triberg

The town of Triberg is also well-known for its stunning waterfalls. The falls are a series of waterfalls on the Gutach river. The Triberg waterfalls have a total vertical drop of 151 m. There is easy access to the waterfalls from the town. Triberg is a pretty town with some 5,000 inhabitants and a number of tourist attractions apart from the waterfalls, including the world’s biggest Cuckoo clock, and the Baden black forest railway, built between 1863 and 1873. The railway passes directly through the black forest, and provides wonderful views of the region.


Leaving the dark green forest and grassy green meadows now heading for medieval Freiburg……

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