Kompong Speu – Waterfall area – Kirirom National Park

  Waterfalls at Kirirom National Park Following our visit to Kirirom National Park to see  the remnants of King Sihanouk’s Villa, the bus went off the main road, down a pot-holed dusty road pulling up on top of a hill. Here we are greeted by half-dozen delightful young girls with brightly colored flower garlands. Who […]

Verdant Green Pine Forest – Kirirom National Park

  Kirirom National Park,Forest,Lakes and waterfalls Kirirom National Park lies 120 km west of Phnom Penh in the Kampong Speu province. From Sihanoukville about a 2 hour drive. The Kirirom National Park covers an area of 35.000 hectares (350 km²).  The Kirirom National Park is a mountain plateau, elevation 800 m above sea level, known for its  green pine […]

Fast and furious ride on a Bamboo Train – Cambodia

Bamboo Train or Norry An off-side adventure, a ride on a bamboo train locally called a ‘Norry’. An interesting piece of engineering with iron wheels on two sets of axles, independent of a bamboo platform that sits on top of the axles; driven by a small engine, probably from a motorbike or tractor. The Norry, […]

Traditional Music – Gong Circle Chimes – Pich Nil Cambodia

Traditional Music Team At one end of the spirit houses at Pich Nil mountain pass, a  group of children sat playing traditional musical instruments, raising money for their Traditional Music Team. The music is pleasant to listen to. The instruments were equally interesting; having only ever seen a traditional xylophone or Roneat ek played at one of the temples, this is […]

‘Spirit Houses’ Pich Nil Mountain Pass

Primary School visit Early morning start, our first stop is a visit  to a primary school. The classroom for the younger children is nicely decorated, the youngsters in the next grade using slates and chalk (which is not a bad thing, think of the paper they save?) The teacher had the young children sing a […]

Golden Lions of Sihanoukville – Beach Resort Town

Premier Beach resort town Sihanoukville is now considered Cambodia’s premier beach resort town. The town named after former King Sihanouk. The Golden Lions  at the traffic circle represents the King and the royal family of Cambodia. New ‘Techo Morakot Bridge’ and beach resort. The tour bus took as for a quick look at a new bridge being […]

Highway to Sihanoukville Town – Deep Sea Port and Beach Resorts

   Highway route #4 – Fishing town along the riverbanks Today we travel from Kampot to Sihanoukville on Highway Route 4. Always an interesting trip in a foreign country with plenty of sights to see. At a bridge  we stopped briefly to look at a fishing community along the river banks with brightly colored fishing […]

Cows – skinny white cows or oxen – Livestock – Cambodia

  Skinny white cows or  Zebu The skinny white cows and oxen we saw all over Cambodia are known as Zebu, also known as  Brahmin. There are about 75 known breeds of Zebu.  A characteristic of the Zebu is a fatty hump on their shoulders, drooping ears, and a large dewlap or long flap of […]

Water Buffalo | Wild Buffalo – Farm Animals | Cambodia

Water Buffalo – important farm animals The weather cleared and gave us blue sky’s once more, we passed a field with grey water buffalo wading in the water. These are the Asian water buffalo, a domesticated farm animal that has adapted to, and enjoys being in the water. They are an important farm animal in […]

Durian – Tropical Fruit – Kampot – Landmark Old Bridge

The Durian – an ancient tropical fruit A small provincial town Kampot  has a very  impressive roundabout in the center of town with sculptures of tropical fruit, including a giant Durian. Roundabouts throughout Cambodia often typify the products produced in the district. The Durian is a tropical fruit  with a very strong smell and a […]

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