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Difficult to choose a favorite foto

Travel around the main island of Japan and you will see the cherry blossom  everywhere. Many wild cherry blossom trees grow on the hillsides, in the fields and towns throughout the country. Cherry blossoms planted for centuries are a most revered tree in Japan, some trees are hundreds of years old. It was hard to decide on my favorite foto, the cherry blossom is a great source of beauty and delight in Japan. Many ancient castles and temples enhanced by the  beauty of the cherry blossom trees growing around them.

Amazing display of cherry blossom flowers outside Kanazawa Castle Park.

Amazing display of cherry blossom flowers outside Kanazawa Castle

Sacred Cherry Blossom trees

The Japanese have even managed to transplant 400 year old cherry blossom trees, to save them from a new dam? There is a sacred  cherry blossom tree in Japan believed to be 1000 years old! Pretty amazing.

Visiting Kanazawa the cherry blossom trees were at their peak, offering pale pink clouds of soft delicate petals against the walls of Kanazawa castle park; a foil for their beauty.

My favorite foto is this wonderful cherry blossom display amassed against the stone wall of Kanazawa Castle Park, the white tiled turrets almost struggling to be seen through the depth of the cherry blossom display.  The density of cherry blossoms is amazing, the black trunks where visible such a contrast. My favorite foto!


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  1. Beautiful pic. It’s hard for me to imagine trees that are 1000 years old. Or even to imagine transplanting 400 year old trees. Seeing it in front of a spectacular building like this really makes the picture.

    • Hi Jane, thanks so much for your comment. It is hard to imagine transplanting a tree of that age,however fifty years later they are growing strongly and flowering beautifully.the 1000 year old tree is truly spectacular. thanks for dropping by.

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