Four Seasons – Spring – Natural Science at it best


Spring-delicate- white blossoms-of-wild plums by the River Plenty.Melbourne

Spring-delicate-white blossoms-wild plums by the River Plenty.Melbourne

The Four Seasons – Spring brings forth an abundance.

Of the Four Seasons – Autumn,Winter,Spring and Summer, spring is my favorite season. Spring provides an abundance of nature doing what it does best. Buds on trees start to flower,this brings the bees and other insects to pollinate the flowers to bring forth the fruit, animals and birds mate and bring forth offspring. Natural science at its best. Delicate wild plum blossoms down by the River Plenty were the first sign of spring along the riverbank. These plums when ready to pick are small with a purplish to green skin, and delicious to eat. The birds obviously love them too.

Spring is here - Yellow tailed black Cockatoo

The Four Seasons -Spring is here – Yellow tailed black Cockatoo

Walking along the pathway beside the  River Plenty  we  heard the ka-ka-ka of young birds waiting at feeding time. Noticing a sudden flurry of wings in a grove of nearby forest trees, we discovered a family of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos feeding in the trees on the riverbank.There were five, the parent birds and three youngsters. They are very large birds even the young ones, and kept in the shade of the trees; very hard to get a photo, but exciting to see them in their natural habitat.

Four Season-baby-green-frog among the lillies in spring

The Four Seasons-in Spring a baby-green-frog hidden among the lily straps

Spring and natural science

Back to natural science in the garden, a beautiful baby green frog hiding among the lily leaves; such dark eyes and vivid green coat, a good camouflage against the garden plants.

An unusual Dragonfly with ruby eyes and white-tipped wings in Spring.

An unusual Dragonfly with ruby eyes and white-tipped wings in Spring.

Hovering lightly over the mondo grass in the back garden, a dozen or so of these dragonflies, rather unusual I thought; haven’t noticed this type of dragonfly before with ruby colored eyes and gold white-tipped wings? Usually the iridescent  blues and greens of the dragonflies catch your attention. This one was different.

The Four Seasons an abundance of fragrant roses in Spring

The Four Seasons an abundance of fragrant roses in Spring

Flowers in Spring

The fragrance of a perfumed rose is best on a warm sunny morning in Spring. Another reason I like Spring the best of the four seasons. Spring brings forth such an abundance of beautiful flowers.

Proud mother with ducklings-on-the-river-Spring the best Four Seasons

Proud mother with ducklings-on-the-river-Spring the best of the Four Seasons

Birds in  Spring – ducklings

Ducklings herded along under the watchful eye of their parent, learning to fend for themselves. These are wild native ducks, quite handsome birds, frequent and welcome visitors to Riverway.

The four seasons - Spring- a promise-of-Lychees to come

The four seasons – Spring- a promise-of-Lychees to come.

Flowering fruit trees in Spring

Flowers on the Lychee tree? Does this mean I will get a good crop this year? Will natural science take effect? So many factors affect a fruit tree, natural science can be very complex. The flowers, bees and insects are all there, it looks promising so I guess its wait and see for a few months. Perhaps this year  I will see bright pink lychee hanging on long racemes from the branches of my tree? It has never been a very productive tree but I live in hope.

Spring-new-growth-on-the-cycad like feathers emerge in spring

New-growth-on-the-Cycad feather like foliage emerges in spring

Four Seasons – new feathery foliage on the Cycad –  only in spring

One only sees the new growth once a year come Spring (that I can remember), and then, some beastly little slug gets at them overnight, and ruin the new tendrils. It is so frustrating when you forget to check these plants in early Spring. The fresh foliage is a delight, pale limey green and feathery, so beautiful.

All this heralds the Spring, the best of the Four Seasons! Natural science at its best!

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  1. Nothing can really beat the beauty of nature. These things are not only beautiful but its also amazing to observe their behavior.

    • Hi Tiffany, The best about nature is its all around us, if we just take time to stop,observe and enjoy.Your Holiday Park appears a lovely place to enjoy holidays and nature. Thanks for your comment. Lyn

  2. Being someone who makes my own natural pefume fragrances, I agree with you ” the fragrance of a perfumed rose is best on a warm sunny morning in Spring”. Whats better than that!

    • Hi Charna, What a wonderful vocation you have chosen, making natural perfume fragrances? I love the perfume of the rose. My favorite is “Fragrant Plum”, not only is the perfume fragrant and subtle, the rose itself is beautiful at all stages, from bud to fully open. Do you know it? thanks for your comment. Lyn

      • Hi Lyn, Thanks! Yes, you’re right, Fragrant Plum is a very beautiful rose. I do make a rose scent perfume – Rose Bohème eau de parfum – I agree rose is a great fragrance. Thanks, Charna

        • Hi Charna, a beautiful name for a beautiful fragrance! I enjoyed reading how the rose essence is extracted in your article. Thanks again. Lyn

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