Heiloo – Tulip Fields – Holland|Netherlands

 Tulip fields Heiloo Our next stop as Ronnie had promised, by stark contrast with the bleakness of the beach at Egmond earlier today, a visit to the tulip fields in the nearby town of  Heiloo.  Absolutely breathtaking! Row upon row of brilliant colours and varieties of tulips, quite spectacular!! Fields of red and pink tulips […]

Bad Noord – The Beach and Pavilion at Egmond – Holland

Saying goodbye to Frankfurt we caught the ICE train to Amsterdam in Holland/Netherlands;  very comfortable train travel, changeover in a place called Hertogenbosch. The announcement came over in English with instructions, easy to follow. Once in Holland the change in landscape was very obvious, from the undulating hills and snow-capped mountains of Bavaria to the flat green […]

Drosselgasse in Rudesheim – German Castles on the Rhine

After dinner at Heidelberg we drove to Wiesloch and had a very comfortable stay overnight at the Best Western Palatine. Next morning, leaving about 9am our bus headed out to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley passing the ferry at Ingelheim, and continuing on to the wine growing region of Rudesheim and the Drosselgasse on the Rhine. We enjoyed a pleasant […]

Incredible India|Delhi City

  Only in India, incredible India Delhi city Our journey through India was an incredible experience. India is such a vast and diverse country. We spent 28 days on a small group tour with Wendy Wu touring India. India is truly an incredible country. Our small group tour commenced in Delhi. The first impression of […]

Sightseeing – Siem Reap

After an exciting sightseeing exploration of the blue sandstone ruins of Beng Mealea, our tour bus took us to a very nice restaurant in a rural setting. It was a pleasant spot, a rustic hi-set timber dwelling with large open rooms, quiet and cool. Outside the window openings birds had built nests, they hung from the tree […]

‘Blue Ruin’ of Beng Mealea – Siem Reap

Naga Balustrade Once a long Naga balustrade highlighted the walk to the temple grounds of  the blue ruin of Beng Mealea. These two beautifully crafted naga heads remain intact at the walkway entrance. Wow!  At first glance it look chaotic, like a heap of rubble, sandstone blocks, collapsed arches and jungle vegetation; you could be forgiven for […]

Angkor – Steps in history – Angkor Wat – Siem Reap

Siem Reap is considered the gateway to the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site. The many temples including Angkor Wat are visited by millions of tourists each year. Siem Reap has grown and now has many large comfortable hotels,motels,guesthouses and restaurants to accommodate tourists. Angkor Wat is about 6km north of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat the largest religious monument in […]

Banteay Srei – ‘Citadel of Beauty’ – Exquisite Carvings – Siem Reap

Banteay Srei is a fascinating red/pink sandstone temple complex with exquisite carvings of beautiful apsaras; gable shaped pediments with carvings depicting complete scenes about Hindu mythology. A tenth century Cambodian temple well-preserved in most aspects. Banteay Srei is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The French discovered this temple in 1914. Banteay Srei came to international attention under the De […]

On the Water – Port Phillip Bay

On the water Just had two weeks in Doreen an outer suburb of Melbourne. Spent a day on the water in Port Phillip Bay fishing. I was so mad at myself, couldn’t believe I didn’t take my camera with. It was a beautiful day and  Port Phillip Bay is a picturesque spot. Didn’t do to well […]

Heidelberg City |the Old Town

Heidelberg, a very pretty town on the river Neckar surrounded by green hills and mountains, part of the Rhine Neckar district.   The  population is about 150,000, with an influx of some 3 million tourists per year drawn to the city by the romantic Heidelberg castle on Konigstuhl hillside above the Old Town. Climate wise Heidelberg is one of the […]

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