Scrapbooking and Design Highlights for Travel Tokyo Japan

Scrapbook  and designs – Highlights Tokyo Japan

The highlight for me in Tokyo Japan was our visit to the Asakusa Kannon Temple and the Kabuki theater in Ginza. There was no mistaking the huge red and black lantern at the entrance to the Asakusa Kannon Temple which I have seen so often in photographs. The red black and grey lantern represents thunder and lighting, and is hung in the entry gate to the temple complex.

Sensoji Asakusa Kannon temple Japan Scrapbooking and Design Japan

Sensoji Asakusa Kannon temple Japan Scrapbooking and Design Japan

The scrapbooking design layout it is on white scrapbook paper with handmade paper underlay. I have used computer journaling with black borders; main subjects are  highlighted with black and gold starform outline stickers.

Scrapbooking Design pages –  The Kabuki Theater

The Kabuki Theater was a theatrical experience I had to have, having heard and read so much about it I was enthralled to sit, watch, listen, and soak up the experience. They have now demolished this wonderful old traditional theater, which is such a shame.

KabukiTheater-Scrapbook Design layout- Highlights Tokyo Japan Travel

1. Kabuki Theater- Scrapbook Design page

KabukiTheatre performance-highlights of Tokyo Japan travel

Kabuki Theatre Ginza-travel Tokyo Japan

KabukiTheater-Scrapbook Design Layout - Highlights Tokyo Japan Travel

2. Kabuki Theater-Scrapbooking Design page


Items used for this scrapbooking design layout, white scrapbook paper, matted with purple and red handmade paper.  Kabuki Program from the Kabuki Theater . Portraits of Kabuki actors from glossy brochures  provided at the theater.(Just  click on these images and zoom in for a closer look.)

Scrapbooking and design solutions to keep programs or maps from your trip

For the Kabuki program I have cut a piece of scrapbook paper slightly wider and longer than the program, then with the same color paper, made a pocket at the bottom. I have decorated the outside of the pocket with portraits of Kabuki actors. The program  slots into the pocket, and can be removed easily if you wish to look at it at any time.

Scrapbooking and Design – hidden folders

In the first and second photo you can see where I have placed the notes in a hidden folder (1). The extra weight of the pictures on the outside of the folder keeps it flat against the page when in your  scrapbook album. Just flip open to read the notes (2) when required. This extension flap idea is also very handy when you have run out of space for notes.

Scrapbooking and Scrapbook design page for Tokyo Tower Japan

Views from Tokyo Tower Japan travel Tokyo

Above: Scrapbook design double page layout, mauve handmade paper with yellow underlay, Tokyo city lights sticker decoration, computer journaling.

We enjoyed our visit to Tokyo Tower with  great views across to Mt Fuji. It was a perfect day so we were lucky. We finished the day with a visit to the Twin Towers in Shinjuku and dined at a restaurant in the south tower of the Metropolitan Government building (Twin Towers).

Looking thru the Bronze Torri to Yomeimon Gate Toshogu Shrine Japan

The above scrapbook design page is about our day tour to Toshugu Shrine which was awesome. No photos do justice to this magnificent temple complex. It is so full of history, with each temple a purpose built construction combining aesthetics and beauty, revered by the Japanese Buddhist culture. The Yomeimon Gate is renowned for its beauty and detailed sculptural decorations.

Mt Fuji the Shy Mountain Japan travel Tokyo Scrapbook layout design

The sacred mountain of Mt Fuji, the ‘Shy Mountain’

A day trip to visit the sacred mountain of  ‘Mt Fuji’ was a special journey. Mt Fuji is also known as  the ‘Shy Mountain’  because you can very rarely see the top, as it is always shrouded in cloud or mist.This day the ‘Shy Mountain’  lived up to its reputation.

Do wear something bright when your going to the snow. Yep! that’s me in black. It was a dull day, cold and bleak, the forest looked black, the mountain was white with black?  Oh well!  Since it was a once in a lifetime trip it would have been nice to stand out against the snow in a bright blue or red jacket.

Scrapbook Design Snow on verges approaching Mt Fuji Tokyo Japan

Scrapbooking and Scrapbook Design-Snow on road verges approaching Mt Fuji Travel Tokyo Japan

For both these scrapbook design pages I have used black handmade paper, a brown underlay, with snowflake and pine tree embellishments. I try to do a color theme with related subjects. I was quite excited when there was deep snow along the verges of the road, as we climbed higher to view Mt Fuji. Living in tropical Queensland I have only seen snow once or twice before, so I enjoyed stomping around in the thick snow on the sacred mountain.

Attractive Scrapbook design papers and borders for your scrapbooking

I have just came across some attractive products, the colors are so lovely and vibrant in these papers and borders and caught my eye. They are the colors of India which I visited in 2009, and haven’t actually looked at my photos yet. However I am accumulating a lot of ideas, papers and decorations in advance. Sometimes you need to buy things when you see them and these items are so very attractive.

If you have any comments or would like to add a page of your scrapbooking images to my blog post, as a guest feature, please email me or leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you! Thanks. Happy Scrappin!



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  1. Hi Lyn: I scrapbook my travels too, but not as good as yours. I like looking at travel scrapbooks and scrapbooking myself. It’s a stress reliever. But I seldom do it nowadays – no time and have shifted to digital camera (and putting everything in a folder in my computer)

    Also, thanks for visiting my site. Enjoy your journey 🙂


    • Hi Prime, I love my scrapbooking, it is my relaxation also. Enjoy your traveling and your journey.Thanks for your comments. Lyn

  2. Great photos! I really need to start making scrapbooks of all the places I’ve traveled – the photos are all piled into a box and I never see them the way I really should!!

    • Hi Leah, It can be daunting when you have a box full of photo’s’but it is worth the effort to scrapbook your photos. It is nice look back on each trip and enjoy what you have seen. I have an article on scrapbooking for beginners which gives the basics to make a start. Start with your favourite place and pick out the photos which highlight the trip. See how you go. Where are your travels taking you to these days?

  3. Hi Lyn, to be honest scrapbooking indeed seems an option to catalog all the digital photos I have on disk and basically summarize the highights from every trip. You have done a nice job. I’m gonna see what I can come up with. Thx for sharing. Grtz,. Mark

  4. Excellent idea with printing out your journal and including it. I learned some calligraphy many years ago and use that to little photos but it is very time consuming (especially when I make mistakes). Thank you for sharing this experience. I have never been anywhere in Asia.

    • Hi Vicky, I think calligraphy is a lovely medium to use. I’ve often thought I would take a course. However now I do so much scrapbooking, I think the computer is so time saving with notes for scrapbooking. I’m pleased if you got something from my post. Asia is a fascinating area, have just came back from two weeks in Cambodia. Plan to get a post done soon! Your hotel looks really nice. Perhaps I will get to Canada one year. Thanks. Lyn

      • I actually went and purchased more India Inks to practice calligraphy again after posting this! Didn’t take long to realize I needed a lot more practice ;). Thanks for your kind words about our hotel, it is family-owned and we really try to do things right, from our impact on the environment to supporting our local community events/non-profits.

        If you do head up this way, may I also suggest experiencing the Canadian Rocky National Parks… I’ve traveled a great deal in Europe and North/Central America and I’ve never seen untouched beauty quite like the area surrounding Jasper and Banff National Parks. Visiting Vancouver/Victoria (which is a part of a rain forest and is very luscious with flowers everywhere) then taking the rail up the mountains (they call it “sea to sky” route) is simply, well, hard to put to words how gorgeous it is. Love to here more about Asia, I read your post on the Terracotta soldiers, how unbelievable is that find!

        • Hi Vicky, Calligraphy takes a lot of practice to do it fluently, I think that’s why I reverted to computer fonts, simply because they are quicker and easier to use.

          The trip to the Canadian Rocky National Parks sounds wonderful. I will keep it in mind.

          The very best of wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the festive season. I hope it proves a busy time for you at the hotel. All the best. Lyn

  5. Very professional.

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