Duba Plains – A baby hippopotamus

experience a great safari adventure in a mokoro canoe

Gliding through the waterways in a mokoro,  Okavango Delta Botswana

Our second experience with Hippo’s was quite different to the first. We travelled by mokoro to a small island. Our guide was carrying his rifle which didn’t make me happy at all, and on the bank where we alighted from the canoe was an imprint where a crocodile had been lying. Our guide hastened to assure us we were quite safe, however we were all keeping our eyes and ears open.

hippopotamus pictures Okavango Swamps Botswana Africa

Hippopotamus warning display of huge gaping jaws, pink mouth and deadly incisors.

As if to take our mind off the crocodile, a huge Hippopotamus put its head out of the water and bellowed. We were startled, then another Hippopotamus appeared out in the middle of the lagoon, and lastly a third, a baby Hippopotamus. This was a little family. The parents were having none of us, and continued with their warning displays of huge pink yawning jaws and big teeth, snorting and throwing their huge heads about. As if learning the ropes the baby hippopotamus joined in with his efforts. One Hippo would disappear, then reappear exhaling explosively above the water.  They made no move towards us and we had forgotten about the croc, so we sat and enjoyed the display from these magnificent huge creatures with their yawning jaws and gaping pink mouths, and this very cute baby hippopotamus.

I hope you have enjoyed my Safari Reviews of our adventure travel in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa.

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