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In 2007 my eldest son & his family moved to Nagoya, Japan for a three years period. Needless to say this was a wonderful opportunity to visit them and see a new country. I had a wonderful time as I stayed with them for a month in March. My sister was interested in seeing Japan too, so we arranged a trip and organized  to meet in Tokyo and spend 10 days on a Japan travel tour commencing in Tokyo in April.

CherryBlossoms Nagoya to Tokyo Japan Travel

Cherry Blossoms in  Nagoya Japan Travel Tokyo 

Magnificent Cherry Blossoms in Nagoya Japan

The cherry blossoms were almost in full bloom when I left Nagoya to start our Japan travel tour from Tokyo. They flower at different times in different areas. The Japanese have a special calender for this so you can work out the best time to visit a certain area and see them at their best.The flowering times in each area is very much dependent on the weather.

I also had the excitement of going on the Nozomi train (fast train,a very fast train) from Nagoya to Tokyo, which was great, and the added bonus of actually seeing Mt Fuji from the train. I was quite thrilled by this, my first view of the ‘shy mountain’.

Journey-from-Narita-Airport Japan Tokyo Travel

Journey-from-Narita-Airport Japan Tokyo Travel

Japan travel Tokyo – Shinjuku Station one of the busiest train stations in the world

With a bit of trepidation I managed to find my way from Tokyo station to Shinjuku station. As a visitor to Japan this travel to Tokyo was quite an experience. Shinjuku station is one of the busiest train stations in the world in terms of number of passengers. In 2007 the station was used by an average of 3.64 million people per day, of which I was one. There are over 200 exits, so I was pleased I found my way out to Keio Plaza Hotel, but it also says a lot for the signage which is in English and other languages. I must have been looking uncertain at one point, as a young Japanese women asked if I needed help, and kindly pointed me in the right direction to Keio Plaza. My sister had arrived two hours earlier and had her first experience in Japan traveling by bus from Narita Airport into Tokyo.

View-of-Twin-Towers of Tokyo Metropolitan Building-Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

View-of-Twin-Towers of Tokyo Metropolitan Building-Shinjuku  Japan travel Tokyo

Experience Japan travel-visit Tokyo Metropolitan Building Twin Towers Shinjuku

Across the main road from Keio Plaza Hotel are the twin towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. It has an observatory on the 45th floor giving a commanding view of the whole of Tokyo, the mountain ranges and Mt Fuji on a clear day. We were on the 45th floor admiring the view when virtually out of nowhere came a fierce  electric storm which lasted about half an hour. That was an interesting experience being so high up and surrounded by glass. The lightning seemed very close and had me ducking for cover as it flashed outside,the thunder reverberating across horizon and the rain pounding against the glass. The storm stopped almost as suddenly as it had started.

A sudden storm from Tokyo Twin Towers in Shinjuku Japan Travel Tokyo

A sudden storm Tokyo Twin Towers in Shinjuku Japan Travel Tokyo

Enjoy the souvenir shopping experience on a Japan Travel Tokyo tour.

We decided to have an early dinner in the restaurant in the South Tower. We then explored the souvenir shops of the North Tower, lovely quality souvenirs and very reasonable priced. I felt immediately we would enjoy our  souvenir shopping experience in Japan. We walked back to Keio Plaza to a very comfy room for an early night, as our Japan travel tour started in Tokyo at 8 am the next day.

For your information, if you a planning to travel Japan from Tokyo or elsewhere, the site below has a list of cities and anticipated times for the Cherry blossoms peak flowering periods.


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