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Who let the Ducks out??-Herds of brown ducks Cambodia

Ducks, ducks and more ducks

First sight from a distance I thought, with horror, this was a pack of black rats moving en masse along the road? Horror of horrors! (rats always make me think of the ‘bubonic plague’). On closer inspection I realized it was a herd of dark brown ducks. They had just been let out of their enclosure and being herded along the roadway for a distance  before heading into the water of a roadside ditch for a quick swim.


Ducks on the march – ducks and more ducks-Cambodia


A quick swim for this herd of brown ducks,

Herd of ducks and their keeper

The ducks then clambered  up the side of the ditch, moved through the brush to a paddock beyond for some green pick, all the while under the watchful eye of a  man brandishing a long wooden pole; keeper of the herd. I have never seen so many ducks in a herd like this before, nor marching along a roadway as these were. I don’t remember many ducks on our menus either. Do you?

One of the many funny, interesting and unusual sights we saw on our trip through Cambodia.  

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  1. Incredible ! I’ld never imagined that ducks may be so numerous. They look like a stream of mud….

    • I have never seen so many ducks either, and it was quite funny to see them marching along the side of the road. Thanks for your comments.Lyn

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